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Stories with place: Israel
  • Palestinian shot dead after stabbing soldier, bystander 
    Updated: Feb-13-16 12:08 pm

    JERUSALEM - A knife-wielding Palestinian woman attacked an Israeli soldier on guard near a sensitive West Bank holy site sacred to both Jews and Muslims on Saturday, wounding him and a Palestinian bystander before she was shot and killed by Israeli troops, the military said.

  • Gaza's Hamas rulers says Egypt briefly opens border crossing 
    Updated: Feb-13-16 4:22 am

    GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - The Islamic militant group Hamas that rules Gaza says Egypt has opened its border with the territory for the first time this year.

  • Israeli educators battle government over textbook content 
    Updated: Feb-13-16 2:09 am

    JERUSALEM - Israel's main high school civics textbook has become a new battleground in a culture war embroiling the country - pitting politicians against educators in a debate over how much religion and Jewish history should be included in the country's national curriculum.

  • Israel says EU relations 'friendly' again after label spat 
    Updated: Feb-12-16 12:06 pm

    JERUSALEM - Israel's foreign ministry says relations with the European Union are "close and friendly" again after tensions arose last year over the bloc's decision to label West Bank exports.

  • Mideast 'quartet' to prepare report on peace prospects 
    Updated: Feb-12-16 10:09 am

    MUNICH - The international diplomatic "quartet" on the Mideast says it will prepare a report on the current situation between Israel and the Palestinians with an eye toward resuming peace talks.

  • Congress gives final OK to banning local Internet taxes story has photos
    Updated: Feb-11-16 5:52 pm

    WASHINGTON - Congress voted Thursday to permanently bar state and local governments from taxing access to the Internet, as lawmakers leapt at an election-year chance to demonstrate their opposition to imposing levies on online service.

  • Israel appoints new head of Shin Bet security agency 
    Updated: Feb-11-16 2:06 pm

    JERUSALEM - Israel has appointed a new head of its shadowy Shin Bet internal security agency.

  • Police: Cop killed wife, son, torched home then shot himself 
    Updated: Feb-11-16 1:10 pm

    COLONIE, New York - A police officer with no prior history of domestic violence fatally shot his wife and one of their sons, and then set the family's suburban Albany house on fire before killing himself, according to authorities who said Thursday they're baffled by the veteran cop's actions.

  • Poverty scholar among 9 winners of Israeli foundation prize 
    Updated: Feb-11-16 12:15 pm

    JERUSALEM - Leading poverty scholar Anthony Atkinson is among the winners of this year's Dan David Prize for scientific, technological and cultural accomplishments.

  • Senate urges federal term limits, condemns Israel boycotts 
    Updated: Feb-10-16 6:59 pm

    TALLAHASSEE, Florida - The Florida Senate is sending two messages to Congress: set term limits for senators and representatives, and condemn efforts to boycott Israel.

  • Ex-employee of Israeli PM wins abuse case story has photos
    Updated: Feb-10-16 2:24 pm

    JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife mistreated and abused a former member of her housekeeping staff, a court ruled Wednesday, awarding the man $42,000 in damages in a decision that dealt an embarrassing blow to the country's first family.

  • House panel OKs bill to block businesses that boycott Israel 
    Updated: Feb-10-16 12:21 pm

    PHOENIX - A House panel has unanimously passed a measure to block state and local authorities from entering into contracts with businesses that boycott Israel.

  • Nebraska company to ship beef to Israel, officials say 
    Updated: Feb-09-16 6:08 pm

    LINCOLN, Nebraska - Nebraska authorities say a Hastings company will be sending the first significant shipment of beef from the United States to Israel since Israel banned U.S. beef imports more than a dozen years ago.

  • Palestinian doctor aims to boost West Bank medical services 
    Updated: Feb-09-16 1:42 am

    NABLUS, West Bank - After Dr. Saleem Haj-Yahia performed the first-ever successful artificial heart transplant in the West Bank last month he was greeted with flowers, balloons and cheering crowds and publicly praised by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

  • Israel: Palestinians use UN chief's words for 'terror' 
    Updated: Feb-08-16 3:34 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - Israel's U.N. ambassador on Monday said the Palestinian leadership has started using recent statements by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon "to justify deplorable acts of terror," and he called on the U.N. chief to withdraw them.

  • Israeli parliament suspends Arab MPs who met attackers' kin 
    Updated: Feb-08-16 3:15 pm

    JERUSALEM - Israel's government on Monday temporarily suspended from parliamentary meetings three Arab lawmakers who met with families of Palestinians who carried out deadly attacks.

  • Hamas kills its own commander for unnamed 'violations' 
    Updated: Feb-07-16 1:18 pm

    GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules Gaza, said Sunday that it has executed one of its own commanders over unnamed "moral and behavioral violations."

  • Red Cross in Gaza closes office due to violent protests 
    Updated: Feb-07-16 11:41 am

    GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - The International Committee of the Red Cross said Sunday it is temporarily closing its Gaza office after protesters repeatedly tried to storm it.

  • Islamic authority rejects new Jerusalem Jewish prayer area 
    Updated: Feb-07-16 6:22 am

    JERUSALEM - The Islamic authority that oversees a sensitive Jerusalem holy site says it opposes a new prayer area for non-Orthodox Jews at the adjacent Western Wall.

  • Officials want to honor World War II soldier from Knoxville 
    Updated: Feb-06-16 2:00 pm

    KNOXVILLE, Tennessee - For refusing to back down even when staring down the barrel of a Nazi officer's pistol, Army Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds was honored last week by Israel for an act of bravery that saved as many as 200 Jewish Americans during World War II.

  • Anger at Arab Israeli MPs who met relatives of attackers 
    Updated: Feb-04-16 4:15 pm

    JERUSALEM - Steps should be taken against three Arab members of Israel's parliament who met this week with families of Palestinians who committed deadly attacks against civilians and security personnel, Israel's prime minister said Thursday.

  • 'Gay conversion' therapists find safe haven in Israel story has photos
    Updated: Feb-04-16 11:57 am

    JERUSALEM - A leading American Jewish group promoting therapy it said could turn gays to heterosexuals was ordered shut in December by a New Jersey court, amid growing efforts in the U.S. to curb the generally discredited practice. But therapists with ties to the shuttered group say they have found a haven for their work in Israel.

  • Top Israeli general calls IS 'our enemy' 
    Updated: Feb-03-16 9:29 am

    TEL AVIV, Israel - A top Israeli general said Wednesday that the Islamic State group is "our enemy" and that Israel is sharing intelligence with allies battling the extremists despite remaining on the sidelines of Syria's civil war.

  • Deep in Israel desert, shimmering glass mountains 
    Updated: Feb-03-16 2:54 am

    YERUHAM, Israel - Deep in the heart of Israel's desert, shimmering mountains of glass dominate the landscape.

  • Priest's son gets life, no parole for killing his parents 
    Updated: Feb-02-16 8:16 am

    HOUSTON - The 20-year-old son of an Episcopal priest has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for beating his parents to death with a lamp, baseball hat and hammer.