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Stories with place: Iran
  • new storyUS naval, air maneuvers become 'new normal' in Asia Pacific story has photos
    Updated: May-28-16 9:43 am

    WASHINGTON - American ships and fighter jets maneuvering across the South China Sea and the Sea of Japan represent the "new normal" in U.S.-Pacific relations despite rising tensions with China and Moscow.

  • After nuclear deal, Iranian art auction sees $7.4M in sales 
    Updated: May-27-16 2:11 pm

    TEHRAN, Iran - An annual art auction in Tehran drew record sales of $7.4 million Friday, a sign of Iran's emerging arts market that buyers hope will be buoyed by the recent nuclear deal with world powers.

  • UN agency reports Iranian has complied with nuclear deal 
    Updated: May-27-16 9:22 am

    VIENNA - Iran has corrected one violation of its landmark nuclear deal with six world powers and is honoring all other major obligations, the U.N. atomic energy agency reported Friday.

  • After Cannes awards, Iranian cast receive hero's welcome 
    Updated: May-27-16 9:14 am

    TEHRAN, Iran - Iran's state news agency is reporting that the cast and crew "The Salesman," which won two prizes at the Cannes film festival this week, have returned to the Iranian capital where they were greeted by crowds of fans.

  • Former Marine freed from prison in Iran attends memorial story has photos
    Updated: May-26-16 4:38 pm

    LANSING, Michigan - A former U.S. Marine who was jailed in Iran for more than four years until his January release said Memorial Day is "bittersweet" during his Thursday visit to the Michigan state Senate for memorial services.

  • House votes to bar purchases of heavy water from Iran 
    Updated: May-25-16 11:52 pm

    WASHINGTON - The House voted Wednesday to bar the U.S. government from future purchases of heavy water from Iran, undercutting the controversial nuclear pact with that nation and earning a certain veto threat on a key government funding bill.

  • Feds say Turkish celebrity who faces prison is a flight risk 
    Updated: May-25-16 9:03 pm

    NEW YORK - A Turkish celebrity who lived the high life as he enabled Iran to overcome U.S. sanctions and deceive the United States and the international banking system for years is a flight risk and shouldn't get bail, prosecutors said Wednesday.

  • Instagram account for Iranian general briefly inaccessible 
    Updated: May-25-16 10:33 am

    TEHRAN, Iran - An Instagram account associated with a powerful general who leads an elite unit of Iran's Revolutionary Guard briefly was inaccessible on the application.

  • In final drive, Obama seeks better relations with US foes story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-24-16 5:15 pm

    WASHINGTON - In his final stretch as president, Barack Obama is driving the United States toward friendlier relations with longstanding adversaries, working to consign bitter enmities with Vietnam, Iran, Cuba and Myanmar to the history books.

  • Hard-line cleric voted leader of Iran's Assembly of Experts 
    Updated: May-24-16 8:24 am

    TEHRAN, Iran - A hard-line Iranian cleric who has been in the country's power structure since its 1979 Islamic Revolution was chosen on Tuesday to lead the Assembly of Experts, a clerical body that picks the country's next supreme leader.

  • Iran and India sign port deal, other economic agreements story has photos
    Updated: May-23-16 3:30 pm

    TEHRAN, Iran - India said Monday it will invest up to $500 million in a deal to develop a strategic port in Iran and both countries planned a number of projects they say are worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • Official: Iran to try to 'speed up' held Lebanese man's case 
    Updated: May-23-16 7:29 am

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Iran "will try to speed up" the case involving a detained U.S. permanent resident who advocates Internet freedom, an official said Monday, making the first government acknowledgement of the man's detention.

  • Wild US election fascinates, worries Iran after nuclear deal story has photos
    Updated: May-23-16 4:17 am

    TEHRAN, Iran - After decades of officially-imposed detachment from the "Great Satan," Iranians are this time transfixed by the wild U.S. presidential campaign, mindful that the next White House occupant could have direct impact on their lives.

  • Energy expert says oil prices won't top $100 a barrel 
    Updated: May-22-16 12:28 pm

    Following a stunning decline, oil prices have clawed back near the $50 level this year. Production boomed in the U.S. but is now slumping. Globally, OPEC is in disarray and major producers can't agree on steps to boost prices.

  • Group that helped sell Iran nuke deal also funded media story has photos
    Updated: May-20-16 3:43 pm

    WASHINGTON - A group the White House recently identified as a key surrogate in selling the Iran nuclear deal gave National Public Radio $100,000 last year to help it report on the pact and related issues, according to the group's annual report. It also funded reporters and partnerships with other news outlets.

  • Supporters: Iran human rights activist gets 10-year sentence 
    Updated: May-20-16 7:26 am

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - An already-imprisoned prominent human rights activist in Iran has been sentenced to 10 years in prison in a new trial, a ruling denounced Friday by the United Nations as it called for her immediate release.

  • US again tells European banks trade with Iran is OK 
    Updated: May-19-16 8:06 pm

    BRUSSELS - The United States and its partners in the Iran nuclear talks are trying anew to convince European banks and businesses that now-legal trade with the Islamic Republic won't be punished.

  • Germany condemns Holocaust cartoon contest in Iran 
    Updated: May-18-16 8:57 am

    BERLIN - Germany is condemning a contest in Iran for cartoons depicting the Holocaust, saying it sows hatred and deepens divisions in the Middle East.

  • Maldives cuts diplomatic ties with Iran 
    Updated: May-17-16 5:08 pm

    COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - The government of the Maldives said Tuesday it has decided to sever 40-year-old diplomatic ties with Iran, saying the country's policies in the Middle East are detrimental to peace and security in the region.

  • IMF official: Iran can't count on big jump in oil revenue 
    Updated: May-17-16 10:55 am

    TEHRAN, Iran - A senior International Monetary Fund official says Iran must deal with a shift to lower crude prices and cannot count on a big jump in oil revenue as it looks to boost production and better integrate with the global economy.

  • Iran's parliament passes bill on demands for US compensation 
    Updated: May-17-16 6:49 am

    TEHRAN, Iran - Iran's parliament has passed a bill requiring the government demand payment from the United States as compensation for alleged damages Tehran suffered as a result of American policies over past decades.

  • White House: Obama aide won't testify on Iran deal 
    Updated: May-16-16 5:55 pm

    WASHINGTON - The White House says a senior adviser to President Barack Obama won't testify before a House committee about how he promoted the Iran nuclear deal to the public.

  • Iran cracks down on models posing without headscarves online 
    Updated: May-16-16 9:28 am

    TEHRAN, Iran - Iranian police have arrested eight people in a new crackdown targeting "un-Islamic acts" online such as female models posting images of themselves without their hair covered, state media reported Monday, part of a larger cultural struggle in the Islamic Republic over the country's future.

  • Israeli leader: Iran mocks WWII Holocaust, prepares another 
    Updated: May-15-16 9:57 am

    JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at Iran Sunday for staging a Holocaust-themed cartoon contest that mocked the Nazi genocide of six million Jews during World War II and said the Islamic Republic was busy planning for another one.

  • Iranians say Holocaust cartoon contest not aimed at denial 
    Updated: May-14-16 9:50 am

    TEHRAN, Iran - Iranians staged an international contest for cartoons depicting the Holocaust on Saturday but insisted the event was aimed at criticizing alleged Western double standards regarding free expression and not at denying the Nazi genocide.