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Stories with place: Poland
  • Gold fever hits Poland with possible discovery of Nazi train story has photos
    Updated: Sep-03-15 12:28 pm

    WALBRZYCH, Poland - The placid woodlands around this medieval castle town have suddenly become the hottest spot in Poland - as treasure hunters descend on the area in search of a mystery Nazi train said to be laden with gold.

  • The Latest: Canada examines why it rejected Syrian family story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Sep-03-15 8:56 am

    The latest Thursday on the European migrant crisis (all times GMT):

  • Polish fireman returns huge diamond ring to Paris Hilton story has photos
    Updated: Sep-03-15 6:40 am

    WARSAW, Poland - Paris Hilton got lucky in Poland.

  • Correction: Great Escape anniversary story 
    Updated: Sep-01-15 12:07 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - In a story from March 25, 2014, about a 1944 escape of Allied airmen from a Nazi prisoner camp, The Associated Press erroneously reported the nationality of one of the survivors. He was Dutch, not Danish.

  • Poland's warring leaders honor Solidarity separately 
    Updated: Aug-31-15 12:47 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Poland's warring president and prime minister have separately marked the 35th anniversary of a key deal between striking workers and communist authorities that opened the way to democracy.

  • Gold hunters blocked from site of alleged Nazi gold train story has photos
    Updated: Aug-31-15 12:10 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Polish authorities have blocked off a wooded area near a railroad track after scores of treasure hunters swarmed southwest Poland looking for an alleged Nazi gold train.

  • 2 US F-22 fighter jets in Poland for exercises with ally 
    Updated: Aug-31-15 7:55 am

    WARSAW, Poland - Two U.S. stealth F-22 fighter jets have arrived in Poland to carry out combat air exercises for a day with the Polish air force.

  • Poland's mixed feelings over memorial to rescuers of Jews story has photos
    Updated: Aug-30-15 5:58 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - As a Catholic Pole, Elka shouldn't even have been in the ghetto of Czestochowa, in southern Poland. But the nanny was so devoted to the 12-year-old Jewish boy she had raised since infancy that she refused to leave. She ended up being sent to the Treblinka death camp - where she was murdered with the Jews.

  • Sandoval's back from European trade mission. What's next? 
    Updated: Aug-29-15 12:26 pm

    CARSON CITY, Nevada - Gov. Brian Sandoval and more than 60 business, government and education officials recently returned from a three-week trade mission to England, Ireland, Germany, Poland and Italy. The visit included meetings with dignitaries, tours of car factories and receptions bringing together Nevada and European tourism officials.

  • Poland to service Bulgaria's Soviet-era MiG-29 fighter jets 
    Updated: Aug-28-15 10:46 am

    WARSAW, Poland - Poland's defense ministry says the country has reached a preliminary agreement with Bulgaria to modernize the Balkan country's Soviet-era fleet of MiG-29 fighter jets.

  • Germany picks Liverpool's Emre Can for Euro qualifiers 
    Updated: Aug-28-15 9:09 am

    FRANKFURT, Germany - Germany coach Joachim Loew called up Liverpool midfielder Emre Can on Friday for the upcoming European Championship qualifying matches against Poland and Scotland.

  • Warsaw's iconic, controversial rainbow taken down at night story has photos
    Updated: Aug-27-15 9:31 am

    WARSAW, Poland - Warsaw's iconic and controversial rainbow art, once installed by an old cloister and then a symbol of Poland's leadership in the European Union and of tolerance for sexual minorities, has been taken down.

  • Poland's govt to compensate farmers hit by drought, heat 
    Updated: Aug-25-15 12:46 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Poland will pay more than 500 million zlotys ($135 million) in compensation to the thousands of farmers who have lost crops and fodder because of drought and unusually high temperatures, the agriculture minister said Tuesday.

  • Soviet WWII plane, Jewish tombstones found in Polish rivers 
    Updated: Aug-25-15 11:17 am

    WARSAW, Poland - As river levels in Poland fall to record lows amid a prolonged drought, Jewish tombstones and a Soviet fighter plane with the remains of its pilots have been found in the riverbank, evidence of Poland's tortured 20th-century history.

  • Polish president makes 1st trip abroad to Estonia 
    Updated: Aug-23-15 1:22 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Poland's new president has called for NATO to move troops to its eastern flank during his first trip abroad, to Estonia, bringing a message of solidarity to a region nervous about Russian ambitions.

  • Poland's new leader seeks greater regional unity, NATO bases 
    Updated: Aug-21-15 4:40 am

    WARSAW, Poland - It's been a dream of some Polish leaders for nearly a century: an alliance of Eastern European countries running from the Baltic Sea down to the Black Sea that would keep Russia at bay.

  • Essentials for visiting Warsaw from what's new to classics 
    Updated: Aug-20-15 8:57 am

    WARSAW, Poland - Almost every month brings something new in Warsaw. With nearly 2 million people, Poland's capital city has been developing fast ever since the once-communist nation joined the European Union in 2004. From skate parks and roof gardens to historic palaces and some of Europe's most modern buildings, visitors of all ages will find plenty do see and do in this city that aspires to be trendy. Here are some suggestions:

  • Outgoing US ambassador to Poland flies in F-16 
    Updated: Aug-19-15 12:08 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Ending his mission in Poland, U.S. Ambassador Stephen Mull has flown as a passenger on a Polish air force F-16 fighter jet.

  • Poland's Vistula River hits record low; shows historic bits 
    Updated: Aug-19-15 9:49 am

    WARSAW, Poland - Warsaw is having a treasure hunt - exploiting the record low level of the Vistula River to find pieces of historic bridges and boats amid the discarded tires and broken glass littering its banks.

  • Head of Polish airline LOT quits after overseeing reform 
    Updated: Aug-18-15 10:55 am

    WARSAW, Poland - The CEO of Poland's national airline, widely credited with turning around the company, unexpectedly announced his resignation Tuesday.

  • Poland's new president to visit Estonia in 1st foreign trip story has photos
    Updated: Aug-17-15 10:28 am

    WARSAW, Poland - Poland's new conservative president will make his first foreign trip to Estonia, followed by visits to Berlin, London and New York, where he will meet with President Barack Obama, a top official said Monday.

  • Hundreds of troops, tanks, aircraft in Polish army parade story has photos
    Updated: Aug-15-15 12:22 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Dozens of fighter jets soared, tanks rumbled and hundreds of troops marched in a Polish military parade Saturday, a show of force on the national armed forces' holiday.

  • Poland's new president meets with NATO corps 
    Updated: Aug-13-15 8:07 am

    WARSAW, Poland - Poland's new President Andrzej Duda is attending a ceremony of the change of commander of the upgraded NATO corps in the northeast of the country.

  • 7 decades after WWII, many praise Germany, scorn Japan story has photos
    Updated: Aug-12-15 9:54 am

    SEOUL, South Korea - Both nations brutalized continents. Both slaughtered and abused tens of millions of people. But while Germany is held up as a paragon of post-World War II reconciliation, Japan is mired in animosity with its neighbors seven decades later.

  • Poland's PM, new president clash over first meeting 
    Updated: Aug-10-15 12:16 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - In a sign of tension growing between Poland's top leaders, Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz says she has not yet been invited to meet with the new president and insists such a meeting should include key ministers.