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Stories with place: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bosnians protest against EU-recommended labor law 
    Updated: Jul-30-15 11:13 am

    SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Amid the protests of thousands of workers, the Bosnian-Croat regional parliament on Thursday adopted a new labor law that aims to create a more business-friendly environment with the intention of creating jobs.

  • Bosnian government adopts EU reforms plan 
    Updated: Jul-28-15 9:40 am

    SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Top EU officials say the Bosnian government's adoption of a plan of reforms is a crucial step forward on the country's EU integration path.

  • Serbia, Bosnia leaders pledge to boost fragile post-war ties story has photos
    Updated: Jul-22-15 10:43 am

    BELGRADE, Serbia - The leaders of former Balkan foes Serbia and Bosnia on Wednesday pledged to boost fragile post-war ties shaken earlier this month on the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre.

  • Wildfires threaten villages in Bosnia and Croatia 
    Updated: Jul-21-15 7:29 am

    SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Firefighters and villagers were struggling Tuesday to keep raging wildfires away from homes in southern Bosnia and on the Croatian coast as temperatures reach 42 Celsius (107.6 Fahrenheit).

  • Severe heat wave hits the Balkans 
    Updated: Jul-20-15 12:34 pm

    SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Authorities in the Balkan countries say people have been collapsing on the streets amid a heat wave that have seen temperatures in the region reach 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit).

  • Bosnian Serbs to challenge authority of national court 
    Updated: Jul-15-15 1:53 pm

    SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Serb authorities in Bosnia have decided to challenge the country's integrity two decades after it emerged from a bloody inter-ethnic war by endorsing a decision to hold a referendum on the authority of the national court over the country's Serb-run part.

  • Italy's La Scala performs a concert for peace in Bosnia 
    Updated: Jul-12-15 7:59 pm

    SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Milan's La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra performed a concert Sunday in Sarajevo, bringing a message of reconciliation a day after the 20th anniversary commemorations of the Srebrenica massacre were marred by an attack on Serbia's prime minister.

  • Srebrenica ceremonies marred by attack on Serbia's premier story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jul-11-15 3:28 pm

    SREBRENICA, Bosnia-Herzegovina - A crowd of furious Bosnian Muslims jumped over fences and attacked Serbia's prime minister with stones and water bottles on Saturday, marring the 20th anniversary commemorations of the Srebrenica massacre.

  • Judge: Croatian woman can be extradited on war crime charges 
    Updated: Jul-10-15 3:31 pm

    LOUISVILLE, Kentucky - A Croatian woman can be extradited to Bosnia to face war crimes charges after living for years in Kentucky, a federal judge has ruled.

  • Man pleads guilty to concealing Bosnian war past to enter US 
    Updated: Jul-09-15 3:26 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - A Minnesota man pleaded guilty Thursday to concealing his military service during the Bosnian war and a lengthy criminal history - including a conviction for shooting and killing a neighbor - when he entered the country.

  • Bosnian Muslims pay tribute to Srebrenica victims story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jul-09-15 2:48 pm

    SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Thousands lined Sarajevo's main street on Thursday as a huge truck bearing 136 coffins passed on its way to Srebrenica, where newly identified victims of Europe's worst massacre since World War II will be buried on the 20th anniversary of the crime.

  • Germany's Merkel arrives in Bosnia to back economic reform story has photos
    Updated: Jul-09-15 11:01 am

    SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina - German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday the western Balkans can only prosper if Bosnia develops well and that despite its problems she believes the country has a future within the EU.

  • Shaheen part of delegation heading to Bosnia-Herzegovina 
    Updated: Jul-09-15 6:28 am

    CONCORD, New Hampshire - U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire is part of a delegation that will attend the commemoration marking the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre.

  • Srebrenica women tell tale of loss through objects of memory story has photos
    Updated: Jul-09-15 6:04 am

    SREBRENICA, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Twenty years ago Saturday, Bosnian Serb troops led by Gen. Ratko Mladic carried out Europe's worst carnage since the end of World War II - a massacre of 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys that a United Nations court calls a genocide. As Dutch peacekeepers stood helplessly by, the Serbs stormed the Srebrenica safe haven, separating men and boys from women. They drove the males away in trucks and massacred 2,000 on the spot. About 15,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys fled into the woods; the Serbs hunted 6,000 of them down and killed them one by one - some 8,000 in all. The bodies were dumped in mass graves that were bulldozed to hide the evidence, causing remains to be jumbled up into a jigsaw puzzle that has yet to be fully solved. About 1,000 victims remain to be found. Many families have reburied a few bones identified as belonging to their loved-ones through DNA testing.

  • Bill Clinton to lead US delegation to Srebrenica anniversary 
    Updated: Jul-08-15 6:06 pm

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama has picked former President Bill Clinton to lead the U.S. delegation to the commemoration marking the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre.

  • Merkel visits Balkans amid Greek crisis story has photos
    Updated: Jul-08-15 5:26 pm

    BELGRADE, Serbia - The Balkan countries aspiring for European Union membership can reach their goals despite the crisis in Greece, Angela Merkel said Wednesday as she began a two-day tour of the region.

  • Russia vetoes UN resolution calling Srebrenica a genocide story has photos
    Updated: Jul-08-15 2:34 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - Russia vetoed a U.N. resolution Wednesday that would have condemned the 1995 massacre of Muslims at Srebrenica during the Bosnian war as a "crime of genocide," saying that singling out the Bosnian Serbs for a war crime would create greater division in the Balkans.

  • Merkel assures Albania of European prospects 
    Updated: Jul-08-15 11:44 am

    TIRANA, Albania - German Chancellor Angela Merkel has assured Albania and Western Balkan countries there is no artificial delay in their EU entry prospects but says they should deepen reforms to achieve the required standards.

  • Srebrenica massacre survivor speaks out after 20 years 
    Updated: Jul-08-15 4:10 am

    SREBRENICA, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Nedzad Avdic felt the blood of the previous victims sticking to his bare feet as he walked with his hands tied behind his back toward the exit of a school to be shot.

  • Ex-Bosnian guard extradited to face war-crimes charges 
    Updated: Jul-07-15 5:10 pm

    RICHMOND, Virginia - A former Bosnian prison camp guard living in the U.S. has been extradited to his native country to face war-crimes charges, including that he beat civilian detainees with a baton and a rifle and forced some detainees to crawl on the ground naked and eat grass where others had urinated.

  • Dutch peacekeepers still suffer stigma after Srebrenica 
    Updated: Jul-07-15 2:29 am

    THE HAGUE, Netherlands - Rob Zomer has heard the comments many times over: You're cowards, killers. How could you stand there and do nothing?

  • Service held in UK to remember Srebrenica massacre victims 
    Updated: Jul-06-15 11:38 am

    LONDON - Days before the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, hundreds of Bosnians and Britons attended a memorial service at Westminster Abbey on Monday to remember the more than 8,000 male Muslim victims.