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Stories with place: South Asia
  • Officials: US, Pakistani strikes kill 14 militants 
    Updated: Jun-01-15 3:11 pm

    ISLAMABAD - Pakistani intelligence officials say a U.S. drone strike killed four militants and Pakistani airstrikes killed another 10 in the North Waziristan tribal area bordering Afghanistan.

  • Pakistan agog as arrested top model leaves catwalk for court 
    Updated: Jun-01-15 7:54 am

    RAWALPINDI, Pakistan - Pakistan's top model Ayaan Ali, whose pale gray eyes have stared out of innumerable ads in this Muslim country, now only struts before the cameras coming to and from court.

  • Bangladesh files murder charges in 2013 building collapse story has photos
    Updated: Jun-01-15 5:52 am

    DHAKA, Bangladesh - Authorities in Bangladesh filed murder charges Monday against dozens of people for their roles in the 2013 collapse of a garment factory building that killed more than 1,100 people.

  • Competitive I-League struggles against Super League 
    Updated: Jun-01-15 4:27 am

    NEW DELHI - While Indian football's I-League offered fans a thrilling end to its season, there are calls for it to lift its standards if it is to hold its own against the new glitzy Indian Super League tournament and unlock the potential of a market once described by FIFA chief Sepp Blatter as a "sleeping giant."

  • Myanmar detains journalists covering boat people 'rescue' story has photos
    Updated: May-31-15 11:59 am

    BAY OF BENGAL, Myanmar - Myanmar's navy briefly detained journalists who tried to reach a remote island Sunday where more than 700 migrants were being held after their giant wooden ship was found drifting off the country's southwestern coast.

  • Rain of little relief to south India; heat toll nears 2,200 story has photos
    Updated: May-31-15 9:47 am

    HYDERABAD, India - Despite hopes that weekend thundershowers would help end a raging heat wave in southern India, the rain brought only limited relief as the death toll since mid-April approached 2,200.

  • Giant cross rises in Pakistan, home to a Christian minority story has photos
    Updated: May-31-15 7:07 am

    KARACHI, Pakistan - Now towering over this violent port city in Pakistan, where Islamic militant attacks and gangland shootings remain common, is an uncommon sight in this Muslim-majority country: a 42-meter (140-foot) Christian cross.

  • Schools reopen in areas of Nepal worst hit by earthquakes 
    Updated: May-31-15 6:19 am

    KATHMANDU, Nepal - Thousands of schools across the districts worst hit by two major earthquakes in Nepal reopened Sunday.

  • Small clubs, youth teams feel victimized by FIFA scandal story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-30-15 5:31 pm

    RIO DE JANEIRO - The accused in the FIFA scandal are easy to spot: globe-trotting executives charged with diverting millions meant to build the game to their personal accounts. Those who feel victimized aren't as obvious: Youth players with hand-me-down equipment, semi-pro clubs that can't afford to travel and developmental leagues that can't pay referees.

  • North Korean ex-POWs hope to return home before they die story has photos
    Updated: May-30-15 3:16 am

    SEOUL, South Korea - After the Korean War ended in 1953, Kim Myeong Bok and 75 other North Korean prisoners of war detained in South Korea opted to live abroad rather than risk hostile welcomes in either half of their homeland. Now he wants to come home, though he may find little more than rejection and suspicion.

  • No major breakthrough at meeting on Asian boat people crisis story has photos
    Updated: May-29-15 10:02 pm

    BANGKOK - A regional conference called to address the swelling tide of boat people in Southeast Asia ended with no major breakthroughs, with Myanmar deflecting blame for fueling the crisis and warning that "finger pointing" would not help.

  • Anniversary of 1st Everest climb marked as industry frets 
    Updated: May-29-15 7:38 pm

    KATHMANDU, Nepal - Everest Day, marking the conquest of the world's tallest peak 62 years ago, was marked quietly by officials, people in the mountaineering business and a few climbers Friday, little more than a month after an earthquake-triggered avalanche swept the base camp and killed 19 people.

  • Anniversary of 1st Everest climb marked as industry frets 
    Updated: May-29-15 5:16 am

    KATHMANDU, Nepal - Everest Day, marking the conquest of the world's tallest peak 62 years ago, was marked quietly by officials, people in the mountaineering business and a few climbers Friday, little more than a month after an earthquake-triggered avalanche swept the base camp and killed 19 people.

  • Dalai Lama urges Aung San Suu Kyi to help Rohingya Muslims 
    Updated: May-28-15 7:10 am

    NEW DELHI - The Dalai Lama has urged Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's pro-democracy icon and a fellow Nobel Peace Prize laureate, to speak out to protect her country's persecuted Rohingya Muslims amid a human trafficking crisis, a newspaper reported Thursday.

  • Boat people talks: Key issues and expectations 
    Updated: May-28-15 2:46 am

    BANGKOK - In the past month, more than 3,000 desperate, hungry people have landed on the shores of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, drawing international attention to a crisis in Southeast Asia. Arrivals of the overcrowded boats - crammed with Rohingya Muslims fleeing persecution in Myanmar and impoverished Bangladeshis hoping to find jobs - have now slowed. But the crisis is far from over, and will be the topic of a Friday conference in Bangkok to be attended by senior officials from across the Asia-Pacific and beyond.

  • About 1,100 people dead as summer temperatures soar in India story has photos
    Updated: May-27-15 10:06 am

    HYDERABAD, India - Soaring summer temperatures in India have left over 1,100 people dead over the past month, officials said Wednesday.

  • Pakistan judge orders CEO held for faked diploma allegations 
    Updated: May-27-15 9:01 am

    KARACHI, Pakistan - A Pakistani judge ordered police Wednesday to hold and question the embattled CEO of a software company for a week on allegations he oversaw a global diploma mill, as broadcasters aired images of blank degrees stacked in his firm's offices.

  • Fleeing poverty, Bangladeshis caught in Asian boat crisis story has photos
    Updated: May-27-15 6:46 am

    UKHIYA, Bangladesh - The traffickers spun stories that were unimaginable to their listeners, many who hailed from tiny Bangladeshi villages where almost no one earns more than a few dollars a day.

  • India appoints 1st transgender as head of college 
    Updated: May-27-15 5:19 am

    KOLKATA, India - India has for the first time appointed a transgender as the principal of a college, a top education official said Wednesday.

  • Pakistan vintage car collectors preserve a part of history 
    Updated: May-27-15 2:45 am

    RAWALPINDI, Pakistan - For an elite but passionate group of vintage car collectors in Pakistan, restoring antique rides is like travelling back in time - and money seems to be no obstacle when the prize is a Lincoln convertible that belonged to an Afghan king or a Rolls-Royce once used by India's last viceroy.

  • Modi vows cleaner India, but no clear path to get there story has photos
    Updated: May-26-15 5:25 am

    NEW DELHI - Four months after becoming prime minister, Narendra Modi stunned Indians by picking up a crude straw broom and, holding it like a dance partner, gently sweeping at a small pile of green leaves on a New Delhi street.

  • Afghan forces struggle as Taliban seeks northern stronghold 
    Updated: May-26-15 2:25 am

    KUNDUZ, Afghanistan - Taliban insurgents, their ranks swelled by foreign fighters pushed across the border from Pakistan, nearly surrounded this northern Afghan city last month with an offensive that stunned local authorities and raised concerns over their ability to defend the country without U.S. and foreign combat troops.

  • Rohingya seek better life in Malaysia, but reality is stark story has photos
    Updated: May-25-15 9:01 pm

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Malaysia has been a sort of promised land for Rohingya Muslims fleeing persecution in Myanmar. The tens of thousands who endured perilous journeys to get here find more work opportunities than in Indonesia and a more Muslim-friendly environment than in Thailand.

  • Bangladesh bans Islamist group accused of killing bloggers 
    Updated: May-25-15 11:42 am

    DHAKA, Bangladesh - Bangladesh on Monday banned a radical Islamist group accused of attacking and killing atheist bloggers and writers.

  • The movies that will keep buzzing after Cannes 
    Updated: May-25-15 8:40 am

    CANNES, France - The Cannes Film Festival is a grand hierarchy with strictly defined elevations of movies and media access, where films are met by high praise or lowly boos. And so there was a strange fittingness that the scandal of the 68th Cannes Film Festival, where all status is measured, came down to the importance of a few inches.