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Stories with place: Jerusalem
  • Israeli sentenced to life over killing of Palestinian teen story has photos
    Updated: May-03-16 1:48 pm

    JERUSALEM - A Jerusalem court on Tuesday handed a life sentence to the main attacker in the killing of a Palestinian teenager in 2014 whose death helped spark a chain of events that led to that year's Gaza war.

  • Holy fire ceremony in Jerusalem draws thousands 
    Updated: Apr-30-16 9:19 am

    JERUSALEM - Thousands of Christians have gathered in Jerusalem for an ancient fire ceremony that celebrates Jesus' resurrection.

  • Pilgrims trace Jesus' footsteps on Good Friday in Jerusalem 
    Updated: Apr-29-16 10:57 am

    JERUSALEM - Greek-Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox pilgrims are commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by following the path in Jerusalem's Old City where, according to tradition, he walked on the way to the cross.

  • Israel treads carefully with claim to Golan story has photos
    Updated: Apr-28-16 5:06 pm

    JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sparked a new diplomatic brushfire by declaring that the Golan Heights, seized from Syria in the 1967 Mideast war, is and should remain "under Israel's sovereignty permanently."

  • Jewish women pray at Jerusalem holy site, angering rabbi 
    Updated: Apr-24-16 8:36 am

    JERUSALEM - A liberal women's group held a special Passover prayer service on Sunday at a Jerusalem holy site, drawing criticism from the site's ultra-Orthodox rabbi, who called it a "provocation."

  • UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem stirs Israeli anger 
    Updated: Apr-21-16 12:52 pm

    PARIS - The Israeli government and Jewish groups have expressed outrage at a resolution adopted by the U.N. cultural agency that put the Western Wall Plaza in quotation marks, described Jewish sites as "so-called" and even claimed that some Jewish graves were bogus.

  • Jewish family makes claims to prized Passover manuscript story has photos
    Updated: Apr-21-16 9:28 am

    JERUSALEM - The grandchildren of one of the earliest Jewish victims of the Nazis are laying claim to a jewel of Israel's top museum: the world's oldest illustrated Passover manuscript.

  • Florida official, 42, gets belated bar mitzvah in Jerusalem 
    Updated: Apr-20-16 5:54 pm

    TALLAHASSEE, Florida - It took 29 years, but Florida Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera finally had a bar mitzvah.

  • Abbas: Palestinians reject 'all forms of terrorist activity' 
    Updated: Apr-19-16 11:56 am

    BERLIN - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, speaking a day after an attack on a bus in Jerusalem that wounded at least 21 people, says his administration rejects violence against civilians.

  • 12-year-old Israeli girl discovers ancient Egyptian amulet story has photos
    Updated: Apr-19-16 10:50 am

    JERUSALEM - A 12-year-old Israeli girl has discovered an ancient Egyptian amulet dating back more than 3,200 years to the days of the Pharaohs, an official said Tuesday.

  • Jerusalem gay pride parade attacker convicted of murder 
    Updated: Apr-19-16 8:06 am

    JERUSALEM - A Jerusalem court on Tuesday convicted an ultra-Orthodox Israeli Jew of murder for fatally stabbing a teenage girl at a gay pride parade last year.

  • Jordan halts plan to install cameras at Jerusalem holy site story has photos
    Updated: Apr-18-16 6:27 pm

    AMMAN, Jordan - Jordan's prime minister on Monday said his government has decided to call off a plan to install surveillance cameras at Jerusalem's most sensitive holy site, derailing a U.S.-brokered pact to ease tensions at the volatile hilltop compound.

  • Jerusalem bus bombing wounds 21 Israelis story has photos
    Updated: Apr-18-16 3:11 pm

    JERUSALEM - A bus exploded in Jerusalem on Monday, wounding at least 21 people in what police said was a "terror attack," raising fears of a return to the Palestinian suicide bombings that ravaged Israeli cities a decade ago.

  • Amid violence, Israel promotes Arab police officer story has photos
    Updated: Apr-13-16 3:02 pm

    TEL AVIV, Israel - Israel promoted an Arab police officer to deputy commissioner on Wednesday, making him the highest-ranking Muslim ever to serve in the force at a time when authorities are battling a wave of attacks by Palestinians that has frayed relations between Jews and Arabs.

  • With migrant mission to Greece, pope pushes Ortho story has photos
    Updated: Apr-13-16 2:15 pm

    VATICAN CITY - When Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox Christians, visit migrants on the Greek island of Lesbos this weekend, they'll be doing more than sending a political message about the need to welcome refugees.

  • Jordan to fund Jerusalem church restoration 
    Updated: Apr-12-16 11:14 am

    JERUSALEM - Jordan's king has announced that he will fund the renovation of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre - the Jerusalem holy site where Christians believe Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected.

  • Handwriting study finds clues on when biblical texts written story has photos
    Updated: Apr-12-16 8:15 am

    JERUSALEM - Israeli mathematicians and archaeologists say they have found evidence to suggest that key biblical texts may have been composed earlier than what some scholars think.

  • As attacks subside, Jerusalem tries to return to normal 
    Updated: Apr-12-16 2:17 am

    JERUSALEM - One of Jerusalem's most popular Palestinian hummus joints, Lina, used to serve about 100 Israeli diners a day - the majority of its clientele. But after the outbreak of Israeli-Palestinian violence last fall, the place saw business drop to about three or four Israeli diners a day, and even many Palestinians abandoned the landmark Old City establishment.

  • Israel to free 12-year-old Palestinian girl held in prison story has photos
    Updated: Apr-11-16 3:05 pm

    JERUSALEM - A 12-year-old Palestinian girl who was imprisoned after she confessed to planning a stabbing attack in a West Bank settlement will be released early, Israel's prison service said Monday, capping a saga that drew attention to the dual legal system in the West Bank.

  • Palestinians hope for Obama change of heart with UN vote 
    Updated: Apr-10-16 12:23 pm

    JERUSALEM - With President Barack Obama in his last months in office, the Palestinians are hoping he will follow up his historic breakthroughs with Iran and Cuba with a push for their cause as well.

  • Actress Helen Mirren to present "Jewish Nobel" in Jerusalem story has photos
    Updated: Apr-06-16 10:13 am

    JERUSALEM - Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren has agreed to host the award ceremony of Israel's Genesis Prize in Jerusalem.

  • Israel protest UN ban on exhibition 
    Updated: Apr-05-16 12:39 am

    UNITED NATIONS - Israel protested Monday at the U.N.'s decision to ban panels on Jerusalem and Arab Israelis from an exhibition at the United Nations on various aspects of the country and the heritage of the Jewish people.