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Stories with person: Tony Abbott
  • 5 suspected jihadis attempt twice to leave Sydney for Syria 
    Updated: Aug-20-15 5:01 am

    CANBERRA, Australia - Five young men have become the largest single group of suspected jihadis to attempt to leave Australia for Syria and Iraq. But they were stopped twice on consecutive days last week by counterterrorism officials at Sydney International Airport, a minister said Friday.

  • Poll: Australian government faces backlash in by-election 
    Updated: Aug-18-15 12:19 am

    CANBERRA, Australia - Australia's beleaguered prime minister faces a political test next month with an opinion poll on Tuesday showing his center-right party faces a large swing against it in a by-election in the nation's most conservative state.

  • Australian government lawmaker introduces gay marriage bill 
    Updated: Aug-16-15 11:01 pm

    CANBERRA, Australia - A maverick lawmaker broke from conservative government ranks on Monday to introduce legislation that would legalize gay marriage in Australia as a new opinion poll confirmed that most Australians support such a reform.

  • Mixed world reaction to Japanese leader Abe's WWII statement story has photos
    Updated: Aug-14-15 11:46 pm

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's statement on his country's actions in World War II drew varied reaction around the world, with criticism from China and South Korea's ruling party and praise from the United States, among others.

  • Australia criticized over greenhouse-gas reduction target 
    Updated: Aug-11-15 1:34 am

    CANBERRA, Australia - Australia has been criticized over its new greenhouse-gas reduction target which lags behind the ambitions of most wealthy countries.

  • Quick or slow with Flight 370 news, Malaysia finds criticism story has photos
    Updated: Aug-07-15 7:25 am

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Malaysia was intensely criticized early in the Flight 370 mystery for failing to quickly disclose that its military radar had picked up an unidentified aircraft the night the Boeing 777 disappeared. Now its reticence has given way to what looks like haste - compared to other countries involved, at least - and that has left relatives of the missing as exasperated as ever.

  • Mystery of Flight 370 evolves with first tangible clue 
    Updated: Aug-06-15 11:52 am

    SYDNEY - For 17 months, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was, in a sense, nowhere. The lack of any tangible clue to its fate was eerie, unsettling, bizarre - a real-world echo of the TV show "Lost" and the wayward-jetliner mystery at the heart of its story.

  • The Latest on MH370: Madagascar also alert for plane debris story has photos
    Updated: Aug-06-15 9:36 am

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - The latest on the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (all times local):