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Stories with person: Bashar Assad
  • Hezbollah vows to send more fighters to Syria's Aleppo 
    Updated: Jun-24-16 2:38 pm

    BEIRUT - Hezbollah's leader said on Friday that the Lebanese militant group will be sending more fighters to Syria's Aleppo province, where pro-government forces are battling Syrian rebels on several fronts.

  • Top economies ease penalties on Iran over money laundering 
    Updated: Jun-24-16 12:42 pm

    WASHINGTON - The world's major economies on Friday suspended anti-money laundering measures against Iran for a year despite concerns that the Islamic Republic uses its financial sector to protect criminal enterprises and fund terrorist activity.

  • Boeing's historic deal with Iran rests on shaky foundations story has photos
    Updated: Jun-23-16 3:17 pm

    WASHINGTON - Boeing Co.'s historic $25 billion deal with Iran Air potentially rides on hopes that Tehran would stop its past practice of using the airline's planes to ferry fighters and weapons across the Middle East.

  • Islamic State militants push back in Syria, Iraq and Libya story has photos
    Updated: Jun-23-16 1:06 am

    BEIRUT - Even as internationally backed forces chip away at Islamic State-held territory in Syria, Iraq and Libya, the militants have demonstrated a stubborn resilience this week in the face of recent losses.

  • France looks to fan nuke deal momentum with Iran's minister story has photos
    Updated: Jun-22-16 4:13 pm

    PARIS - France's foreign minister said on Wednesday that his country will work toward guaranteeing Iran's return to the international community despite major differences over Syria.

  • European countries attempt to seek justice for Syria victims 
    Updated: Jun-21-16 9:00 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - Several countries, including Sweden, Germany, France and Finland, are investigating or prosecuting alleged perpetrators of grave crimes in Syria in the first attempts to seek justice for victims of the conflict which is now in its sixth year.

  • UN Syria envoy laments shelling as aid convoys reach towns 
    Updated: Jun-21-16 11:29 am

    GENEVA - The U.N. envoy for Syria is expressing concern about a new trend: President Bashar Assad's government allows humanitarian aid into besieged cities and towns, and those same areas get shelled either before or after the convoys arrive.

  • Russia says US failed to provide Syrian opposition locations story has photos
    Updated: Jun-19-16 11:20 am

    MOSCOW - The Russian military on Sunday rejected the Pentagon's accusations that it had deliberately targeted U.S.-backed Syrian opposition forces, arguing the U.S. had failed to warn about their locations.

  • Obama, Saudi official discuss economic reforms, security 
    Updated: Jun-17-16 2:01 pm

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama is praising Saudi Arabia's efforts to diversify its economy by making it less reliant on oil revenues.

  • In internal document, US diplomats demand Syria action story has photos
    Updated: Jun-16-16 11:14 pm

    WASHINGTON - Dozens of State Department employees have endorsed an internal document that advocates U.S. military action to pressure Syria's government into accepting a cease-fire and engaging in peace talks, officials said Thursday. The position is at odds with U.S. policy.

  • CIA director: US hasn't been able to curb IS global reach story has photos
    Updated: Jun-16-16 5:48 pm

    WASHINGTON - The U.S. battle against the Islamic State has not yet curbed the group's global reach and as pressure mounts on the extremists in Iraq and Syria, they are expected to plot more attacks on the West and incite violence by lone wolves, CIA Director John Brennan told Congress on Thursday.

  • Jo Cox remembered as tireless campaigner and aid worker 
    Updated: Jun-16-16 4:37 pm

    Jo Cox fought against poverty and discrimination in developing countries, worked in Parliament for a solution to the civil war in Syria and campaigned for Britain to remain in the European Union. In charity work and politics, she took up causes across the globe, from some of the world's most dangerous countries to her home constituency in Yorkshire.

  • Jo Cox: Boat-dwelling lawmaker with charity work background 
    Updated: Jun-16-16 1:29 pm

    Jo Cox, 41, was elected to the House of Commons last year and represented a constituency in Yorkshire, northern England, for the main opposition Labour Party.

  • Kerry: US open to further clarifying Iran sanctions relief story has photos
    Updated: Jun-15-16 11:23 am

    OSLO, Norway - The Obama administration has met its sanctions relief obligations to Iran under last year's landmark nuclear deal but is willing to further clarify what is and isn't allowed in response to renewed Iranian complaints that it's not getting all the benefits it deserves, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday.

  • Orlando shooter espoused several disparate militant groups story has photos
    Updated: Jun-14-16 8:57 am

    BEIRUT - U.S. authorities say Omar Mateen, the man who carried out the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history, had touted support not just for the Islamic State but also other militant factions, which are enemies of the Sunni extremist group.

  • In Syria's Aleppo, divided locals share fear of total siege 
    Updated: Jun-12-16 3:53 pm

    BEIRUT - Syria's largest city, Aleppo, used to be the country's economic locomotive but four years of grinding battles have rendered it almost uninhabitable. Pummeled by bombs and rocket fire, residents on both sides of this divided metropolis have experienced severe water and power shortages, soaring living costs, and collapsing public services.

  • The Latest: US condemns IS attacks in and around Baghdad story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-09-16 3:03 pm

    BAGHDAD - The Latest on the fight against the Islamic State group in Iraq, Libya and Syria (all times local):

  • Russian defense minister in Tehran for talks on Syria 
    Updated: Jun-09-16 10:36 am

    MOSCOW - Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is visiting Tehran for talks with his Iranian and Syrian counterparts.

  • UN envoy says airdrops should be considered for Syria 
    Updated: Jun-03-16 3:48 pm

    BRUSSELS - The U.N.'s special envoy for Syria is calling for the U.S., Russia and the world community to support possible airdrops of food and other critically needed supplies to besieged areas of Syria.

  • Assad media adviser to speak via Skype at US news conference 
    Updated: Jun-01-16 4:35 pm

    WASHINGTON - Syrian President Bashar Assad's media adviser will speak by remote video at a Washington news conference, even though she is on a U.S. sanctions blacklist.

  • The Latest: Hollande in World War I speech: Protect Europe story has photos
    Updated: May-29-16 11:54 am

    VERDUN, France - The Latest on the ceremonies commemorating the Battle of Verdun in World War I (all times local):

  • Syria's cease-fire strengthens al-Qaida branch 
    Updated: May-29-16 7:31 am

    BEIRUT - Al-Qaida's branch in Syria has recruited thousands of fighters, including teenagers, and taken territory from government forces in a successful offensive in the north, illustrating how the cease-fire put in place by Russia and the United States to weaken the militants has in many ways backfired.