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Stories with person: Chuck Grassley
  • Democratic candidates for Iowa US Senate seat fault Grassley 
    Updated: May-28-16 6:37 pm

    WATERLOO, Iowa - Three candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate spent no time Saturday at a Waterloo debate attacking each other, focusing criticism instead on Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

  • DOD uses undisclosed files to defend sex assault testimony story has photos
    Updated: May-28-16 2:47 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Pentagon is relying on information it won't make public to dispute an Associated Press investigation that found the military misled Congress about sexual assault cases to blunt support for Senate legislation.

  • Origin of key Clinton emails from report are a mystery story has photos
    Updated: May-26-16 5:16 pm

    WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was supposed to have turned over all work-related emails to the State Department to be released to the public. But an agency audit found at least three emails never seen before - including Clinton's own explanation of why she wanted her emails kept private.

  • GOP senators attack top Democrat for defense bill delay story has photos
    Updated: May-25-16 4:19 pm

    WASHINGTON - A Republican senator angrily denounced the Senate's top Democrat Wednesday for delaying debate on defense policy legislation, calling Minority Leader Harry Reid's leadership "cancerous" and accusing him of holding up the $602 billion bill to preserve his "sad, sorry legacy."

  • Iowa politicians criticize EPA proposal on renewable fuels 
    Updated: May-18-16 8:22 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - The latest federal proposal to increase the levels of renewable fuels blended into the U.S. gasoline supply must be increased or it will stifle economic growth, Iowa politicians and industry groups said Wednesday in response to the plan.

  • Senate confirms Obama judicial nominee for Maryland 
    Updated: May-16-16 6:44 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Senate on Monday narrowly confirmed one of President Barack Obama's nominees to be a federal judge in Maryland, overcoming opposition from some conservatives who felt nominee Paula Xinis was too tough on law enforcement in her career as a lawyer and assistant federal public defender.

  • White House sends high-court pick's questionnaire to Senate story has photos
    Updated: May-10-16 6:50 pm

    WASHINGTON - Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland detailed his most significant cases in thousands of pages of documents submitted to Congress Tuesday, including his role as a federal prosecutor in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing case and the prosecution of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski.

  • Obama allies use Trump to press GOP on Supreme Court nominee story has photos
    Updated: May-09-16 2:30 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - Proponents of President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee believe they have a new winning argument to get the Republican-led Senate to act - the prospect of Donald Trump choosing someone to fill the vacancy.

  • Senate's power brokers are aging; several to seek new terms story has photos
    Updated: May-08-16 9:10 pm

    WASHINGTON - Millennials have emerged as the nation's largest living generation yet that demographic shift isn't reflected in the upper reaches of the Republican-controlled Senate, where the body's oldest members are the power brokers.

  • GOP states benefiting from shift to wind and solar energy story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-05-16 6:22 pm

    WASHINGTON - If there's a War on Coal, it's increasingly clear which side is winning.