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Stories with person: Donald Trump
  • The Latest: Handler admits to a fascination with Dolezal story has photos
    Updated: Jul-28-15 5:53 pm

    BEVERLY HILLS, California - Here's the latest from the Television Critics Association summer meeting in Beverly Hills, California, at which TV networks and streaming services are presenting details on upcoming programs (all times local):

  • Trump dominates nightly news on election, study shows 
    Updated: Jul-28-15 3:25 pm

    NEW YORK - Since the beginning of June, Donald Trump has received more coverage on the broadcast network evening newscasts than all of the other candidates for president combined, with his estranged former partners at NBC giving him the most attention.

  • Obama calls GOP criticism of Iran deal 'ridiculous,' 'sad' story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jul-27-15 10:55 pm

    ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - President Barack Obama unleashed a blistering and belittling rebuke of Republican White House hopefuls Monday, calling their attack on his landmark nuclear deal with Iran "ridiculous if it weren't so sad."

  • Candidate criticizes Iran deal as being similar to Holocaust story has photos
    Updated: Jul-27-15 9:59 am

    WASHINGTON - Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is likening the agreement on an Iranian nuclear deal to "marching the Israelis to the door of the oven," a reference to the Holocaust.

  • GOP's chairman doesn't expect Trump third-party candidacy 
    Updated: Jul-27-15 8:16 am

    WASHINGTON - Republican Party chairman Reince Priebus said Monday that he's not worried about Donald Trump eventually running for president as an independent.

  • Ohio governor says he's not using "hot rhetoric' for support 
    Updated: Jul-26-15 12:28 pm

    CINCINNATI - Ohio's governor says he isn't going to use "hot rhetoric" or campaign promises that won't be kept as he tries to move up in the crowded GOP field.

  • House passes bill to crack down on 'sanctuary cities' story has photos
    Updated: Jul-23-15 10:30 pm

    WASHINGTON - The House passed legislation Thursday cracking down on "sanctuary cities" that shield residents from federal immigration authorities. Angry Democrats accused Republicans of aligning themselves with Donald Trump and his anti-immigrant views, and the White House threatened a veto.

  • La. office cuts payment to pageant, citing fewer TV viewers 
    Updated: Jul-23-15 7:50 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Louisiana's lieutenant governor says the state tourism office is cutting in half the money it committed to pay the 2015 Miss USA pageant because the pageant was not carried on NBC or Univision as had been planned.

  • Bush calls on GOP to embrace Latinos, African-Americans story has photos
    Updated: Jul-23-15 7:08 pm

    GORHAM, New Hampshire - Calling on his party to embrace diversity, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush declared Thursday that Republicans will never win the presidency if they don't campaign in "every nook and cranny" of the country - especially in Hispanic and African-American communities.

  • NASCAR, Indy honoring Marine vet Jeff Kyle at Brickyard story has photos
    Updated: Jul-23-15 4:41 pm

    INDIANAPOLIS - Jeff Kyle raced up to 150 mph during a recent charity drive at Texas Motor Speedway, a welcome relief for the former Marine.

  • Chiding Congress, Obama urges fast Ex-Im Bank renewal story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jul-22-15 6:15 pm

    WASHINGTON - Chiding Congress in no uncertain terms, President Barack Obama warned Wednesday that American businesses are suffering while the Export-Import Bank lapses, and called on lawmakers to reauthorize the bank within days.

  • Donald Trump wealth details released by federal regulators story has photos
    Updated: Jul-22-15 5:00 pm

    WASHINGTON - Federal election regulators released new details Wednesday about Republican presidential candidate and celebrity businessman Donald Trump's wealth and financial holdings, weeks after he estimated his net worth at roughly $10 billion.

  • Tony Blair warns UK's Labour: Left turn will lose voters story has photos
    Updated: Jul-22-15 4:01 pm

    LONDON - Britain's Labour Party lost the election. Now it is losing its way, careening into a crisis that could rip apart a party that governed for long stretches of the 20th century.

  • South Carolina editorial roundup 
    Updated: Jul-22-15 3:41 pm

    Recent editorials from South Carolina newspapers:

  • Gov. Walker shuns Trump's presidential primary attention 
    Updated: Jul-22-15 2:21 pm

    NASHVILLE, Tennessee - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Wednesday that he's not worried about the attention Donald Trump is getting in his bid for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

  • Rep. Wagner sends campaign donation from Trump to VFW post 
    Updated: Jul-22-15 9:59 am

    BALLWIN, Missouri - A member of Missouri's Republican congressional delegation is sending a $1,000 campaign donation from Donald Trump to a Veterans of Foreign Wars post.

  • Obama tells Jon Stewart: 'We move the ball forward' story has video
    Updated: Jul-22-15 8:37 am

    NEW YORK - Barack Obama shifted from baseball to football to analogize the limitations of meeting his goals as president during an appearance on "The Daily Show" Tuesday.

  • Congress pursues legislative changes following pier shooting story has photos
    Updated: Jul-21-15 9:34 pm

    WASHINGTON - Urged on by anguished testimony from the father of a murder victim, Congress plunged into a heated debate over immigration on Tuesday as GOP lawmakers vowed to shut down funding for so-called sanctuary cities like San Francisco that shield immigrants from deportation by federal authorities.

  • Donald Trump orders flags to half-staff on his properties story has photos
    Updated: Jul-21-15 2:28 pm

    NEWARK, New Jersey - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is ordering that the flags on his U.S. properties lowered to honor the five service members killed in last week's shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

  • Invoking Iraq War, Obama brushes off Iran deal critics story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jul-21-15 1:49 pm

    PITTSBURGH - Brushing off his "chest-beating" critics, President Barack Obama accused opponents of the Iran nuclear deal Tuesday of being the same people who rushed the U.S. into an ill-fated war in Iraq. As he sought support for the deal from U.S. veterans, he said the deal's foes were merely popping off soundbites that accomplish nothing.

  • Wisconsin governor orders Guard members to arm themselves 
    Updated: Jul-21-15 10:12 am

    MADISON, Wisconsin - Republican Gov. Scott Walker has issued an executive order allowing Wisconsin National Guard's adjutant general to arm his troops in the wake of an attack on a pair of military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

  • GOP presidential hopeful Walker signs abortion ban bill story has photos
    Updated: Jul-20-15 11:04 pm

    OSHKOSH, Wisconsin - Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, one week after launching his bid for the 2016 presidential nomination, signed a bill Monday that outlaws non-emergency abortions at or beyond 20 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Sen. Warren: GOP candidates too slow to denounce Trump 
    Updated: Jul-20-15 1:34 pm

    BOSTON - U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is faulting Republican leaders for failing to denounce Donald Trump as severely for his comments about Mexican immigrants as they have for his criticism of Sen. John McCain.

  • Jon Stewart heads into home stretch at 'Daily Show' story has photos
    Updated: Jul-20-15 1:11 pm

    NEW YORK - Jon Stewart enters the home stretch of his 16 years on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" on Monday, with 12 more nights of jokes at the expense of those who make and report the news before he signs off for good on Aug. 6.

  • 'Say 2016!' Sisters snag selfies with presidential hopefuls story has photos
    Updated: Jul-20-15 9:32 am

    CONCORD, New Hampshire - Addy and Emma Nozell aren't the first New Hampshire residents to collect photos of themselves with as many presidential candidates as possible. But in the age of selfies, the Merrimack sisters are attracting a lot of attention, so much so that candidates now arrive in the state ready for their close-ups with the teens.