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Stories with person: Frank Sinatra
  • Muhammad Ali wasn't always 'The Greatest' at sponsorships story has photos
    Updated: Jun-08-16 2:17 am

    NEW YORK - Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest athletes of all time, but he didn't cash in during his prime the way you'd expect today. Product endorsements deals for the boxer were scarce, and in fact his most notable commercial during his earlier years was for a roach trap .

  • 'Lost Recipes' book tells story of bygone restaurants, inns 
    Updated: Jun-07-16 10:39 am

    A new cookbook called "The Book of Lost Recipes" remembers classic dishes from long-gone hotels, iconic restaurants and roadside eateries of yesteryear. But the book is more than a collection of recipes. It also chronicles the evolution of American food culture, telling stories of how and why certain dishes and restaurants became popular when they did.

  • For Ali, there were times even The Greatest wasn't so great story has photos
    Updated: Jun-05-16 7:27 pm

    He was The Greatest, and of that there is little dispute.