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Stories with person: Nick Clegg
  • Former UK Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy dies at 55 story has photos
    Updated: Jun-02-15 6:40 am

    LONDON - Charles Kennedy was a rare thing - a genuinely popular British politician - and brought his Liberal Democrat party record success before his leadership was cut short by alcoholism.

  • Russian lawmaker asks for EU blacklist to be made public 
    Updated: May-31-15 1:26 pm

    MOSCOW - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov needs to explain why 89 politicians from 17 European countries have been banned from entering Russia and confirm their names, an opposition lawmaker said Sunday in a formal inquiry.

  • Spanish political renegade poses threat to dominant parties 
    Updated: May-21-15 5:43 am

    BARCELONA, Spain - Nearly a decade ago, Albert Rivera caused a stir in Spanish local politics by posing nude in campaign posters. These days, he sports Hugo Boss suits but his campaign on the national stage is no less eye-catching: His upstart Ciudadanos Party is cutting into support for the ruling conservatives, threatening to bust open Spain's traditional two-party system.

  • Unexpected triumph means Cameron can govern UK on his own story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-08-15 5:02 pm

    LONDON - After years of sharing power, David Cameron pulled off an unexpected election triumph that gave the Conservative prime minister a second term with an outright majority Friday and dealt a stinging defeat to his three main rivals.

  • A look at the winners and losers in the UK election 
    Updated: May-08-15 1:01 pm

    LONDON - British Prime Minister David Cameron and his Conservatives on Friday won a second term in a stunning victory that saw three defeated political rivals step down as leaders of their parties within hours.

  • The Latest: Markets happy at clear result; fear referendum story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-08-15 4:29 am

    LONDON - 9:25 a.m. (0825 GMT; 4:25 a.m. EDT)

  • UK's Cameron strong as Scotland debacle ruins Labour bid story has photos
    Updated: May-08-15 2:44 am

    LONDON - At the outset of a bruising campaign, Prime Minister David Cameron tried a "stay the course" message, arguing that his Conservative Party had brought economic growth back to Britain by sticking to its austerity plan, however painful it might be.

  • A look at leading figures in the tight British election story has photos
    Updated: May-07-15 12:11 am

    LONDON - Britain's general election is on Thursday, and polls suggest the race between Labour and the Conservatives is too close to call. Here's a look at the leading figures in the campaign: