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Stories with person: Pope Francis
  • Breakaway Catholic group accuses pope of spreading errors 
    Updated: Jun-29-16 1:26 pm

    VATICAN CITY - A breakaway traditionalist Catholic group accused Pope Francis on Wednesday of spreading confusion and errors about the faith, joining a chorus of conservative criticism over his perceived lax doctrine and emphasis on mercy at the expense of morals.

  • Rio CEO: Security, not Zika, is biggest concern for Olympics 
    Updated: Jun-28-16 4:10 pm

    WASHINGTON - The chief organizer of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics says security is his top concern, well ahead of the Zika virus.

  • Retired pope thanks reigning pope for his focus on mercy story has photos
    Updated: Jun-28-16 11:42 am

    VATICAN CITY - Retired Pope Benedict XVI thanked Pope Francis and endorsed his mercy-filled ministry Tuesday during an unprecedented Vatican ceremony featuring the reigning pope honoring the retired one on the 65th anniversary of his ordination as a priest.

  • Duterte ready to clash with Catholic church on birth control 
    Updated: Jun-27-16 7:51 am

    DAVAO, Philippines - The Philippine president-elect said Monday he would aggressively promote artificial birth control in the country even at the risk of getting in a fight with the dominant Catholic church, which staunchly opposes the use of contraceptives.

  • New archbishop may transform Cuban church with modest style 
    Updated: Jun-27-16 12:02 am

    JARUCO, Cuba - In the mid-1970s, a recently ordained priest trekked the Cuban countryside, defying the communist government by distributing hand-printed religious pamphlets to townspeople bold enough to open their doors.

  • Pope: Gays and others marginalized deserve an apology story has photos
    Updated: Jun-26-16 7:47 pm

    ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE - Pope Francis says gays - and all the other people the church has marginalized, such as the poor and the exploited - deserve an apology.

  • Pope defends Armenia 'genocide' comment; no offense meant story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-26-16 4:33 pm

    ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE - Pope Francis defended using the term "genocide" to describe the Ottoman-era slaughter of Armenians, saying Sunday that's how he has always referred to the massacre, he didn't mean anything offensive by it and that it would have been "very strange" to have avoided it.

  • Reports: Authorities feared terrorism, explosives at Pulse 
    Updated: Jun-25-16 6:04 pm

    MIAMI - Law enforcement officials immediately suspected terrorism and adjusted their staging areas due to fears about an explosive device as they responded to reports of shots fired at a gay nightclub in Orlando, according to sheriff's office incident reports released Saturday.

  • Young Colombians look ahead to a peace they've never known story has photos
    Updated: Jun-24-16 3:05 pm

    BOGOTA, Colombia - Carlos Ordonez says he has no idea what peace looks like. The 25 year-old's town has been under constant threat from rebels for as long as he remembers.

  • Pope travels to Armenia after genocide flap and new tensions 
    Updated: Jun-23-16 5:00 am

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis is making his first foray into the former Soviet Union with a weekend visit to Armenia, a year after he riled Turkey by declaring the Ottoman-era slaughter of Armenians genocide and amid fresh tensions with rival Azerbaijan.

  • World Orthodox leaders meet despite Russia's absence story has photos
    Updated: Jun-19-16 3:05 pm

    ATHENS, Greece - The leaders of the world's Orthodox Christian churches have gathered on the Greek island of Crete for a landmark meeting, despite a boycott by the Russian church - the most populous in a religion of some 300 million people - and three other churches.

  • Spain: Probe of alleged hate speech by Valencia archbishop 
    Updated: Jun-17-16 10:36 am

    MADRID - Prosecutors said Friday they are investigating a Spanish archbishop for possible criminal hate speech because of remarks he made recently about the gay community.

  • Western leaders, CEOs visit Russia amid sanctions fatigue story has photos
    Updated: Jun-16-16 1:26 pm

    ST. PETERSBURG, Russia - The European Union needs to engage with Russia despite the painful sanctions exchanged over the past two years, a top EU official said Thursday during a rare visit that included Western oil executives eager to re-establish relations and sign new deals.

  • Pope Francis condemns massacre at Florida nightclub 
    Updated: Jun-12-16 1:33 pm

    VATICAN CITY - The Vatican says Pope Francis is expressing the "deepest feelings of horror and condemnation" over a massacre at a Florida nightclub that killed at least 50 people.

  • Pope meets with Argentine mother of man on Texas death row 
    Updated: Jun-11-16 12:17 pm

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis has met for a second time with the Argentine mother of a man on death row in Texas for two decades.

  • Panel: Poland's new police law allows privacy infringement 
    Updated: Jun-10-16 12:33 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - An international human rights commission on Friday criticized a new Polish law regulating police surveillance powers as leaving too much room for breaching the privacy of individuals.

  • Francis to meet Auschwitz survivors during visit to Poland 
    Updated: Jun-09-16 1:26 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Pope Francis will meet hospitalized children and survivors of the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz, and will ride on a tram when he visits Poland next month - and is planning a surprise, officials said Thursday.

  • Ex-CIA agent loses fight against extradition to Italy 
    Updated: Jun-08-16 6:22 am

    LISBON, Portugal - A former CIA agent said Wednesday she will be extradited to Italy to serve a prison sentence for her part in the U.S. extraordinary renditions program after Portugal's Constitutional Court rejected her final appeal.

  • Historic seminary that hosted 2 popes looks to relocate 
    Updated: Jun-07-16 5:50 pm

    PHILADELPHIA - A historic seminary near Philadelphia that two popes have visited is looking to relocate.

  • In sign of unity, Christians renovate Christ's tomb together 
    Updated: Jun-06-16 6:49 pm

    JERUSALEM - A team of experts began a historic renovation on Monday at the spot where Christians believe Jesus was buried, overcoming longstanding religious rivalries to carry out the first repairs at the site in more than 200 years.

  • Pope proclaims 2 new saints in canonization Mass story has photos
    Updated: Jun-05-16 8:23 am

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis proclaimed two new saints on Sunday: A Lutheran convert who hid Jews during World War II and the Polish founder of the first men's religious order dedicated to the immaculate conception.

  • Pope scraps abuse tribunal for negligent bishops story has photos
    Updated: Jun-04-16 5:52 pm

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis on Saturday scrapped his proposed tribunal to prosecute bishops who covered up for pedophile priests and instead laid out legal procedures to remove them if the Vatican finds they were negligent.

  • Turkey recalls Germany ambassador after genocide vote story has photos
    Updated: Jun-02-16 3:14 pm

    BERLIN - Germany's parliament overwhelmingly voted Thursday to label the killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks a century ago as genocide, prompting Turkey to recall its ambassador to Germany.

  • News Guide: German vote recognizing Armenian genocide 
    Updated: Jun-02-16 7:25 am

    ANKARA, Turkey - Germany's Parliament voted Thursday to label the killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks a century ago as genocide.

  • UN says Central African Republic abuses include witchcraft 
    Updated: Jun-01-16 7:23 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - The U.N. chief has reported 269 verified incidents of human rights violations and abuses in Central African Republic including arbitrary killings, conflict-related sexual violence and allegations of witchcraft.