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Stories with person: Bill Clinton
  • The Latest: Whistleblower asks Obama to appoint VA watchdog 
    Updated: Jul-02-15 4:29 pm

    WASHINGTON - The latest on President Barack Obama's visit to La Crosse, Wisconsin, on Thursday (all times local):

  • Top US diplomat in Cuba on short list for new embassy story has photos
    Updated: Jul-02-15 2:14 pm

    HAVANA - From his office high above Havana, Jeffrey DeLaurentis has a sweeping view of the cerulean Florida Straits and the blood-red letters declaring Cuba's defiance of the United States.

  • Bill Clinton visits Vietnam to mark 20th anniversary of ties story has photos
    Updated: Jul-02-15 12:35 pm

    HANOI, Vietnam - For Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama's announcement this week of plans to resume diplomatic relations with Cuba must have stirred memories. It was 20 years ago this month that Clinton pulled off a similar diplomatic and political success, normalizing relations with Vietnam.

  • State Department names new Guantanamo special envoy 
    Updated: Jun-30-15 10:20 am

    WASHINGTON - Secretary of State John Kerry has appointed a new special envoy to lead the Obama administration's bid to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center.

  • McConnell: New trade deal triumph despite partisan divide 
    Updated: Jun-29-15 4:44 pm

    LOUISVILLE, Kentucky - The brief alliance of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell with President Barack Obama to pass trade legislation last week marked a triumph amid divided government, McConnell said Monday, and he offered to work together across partisan lines to shore up Medicare and Social Security for future generations.

  • In picking presidents, New Hampshire forgoes producing them story has photos
    Updated: Jun-28-15 11:14 am

    CONCORD, New Hampshire - When it comes to presidents, New Hampshire is much better at picking them than producing them.

  • United Nations charter, signed in San Francisco, turns 70 story has photos
    Updated: Jun-26-15 7:44 pm

    SAN FRANCISCO - Hundreds of people packed the rotunda of San Francisco City Hall to mark the 70th birthday of the signing of the United Nations charter.

  • With McAuliffe in office, old friends find new opportunities 
    Updated: Jun-26-15 11:40 am

    RICHMOND, Virginia - Terry McAuliffe's move from national Democratic political insider to Virginia governor has meant new opportunities for some of his longtime friends.

  • House completes Obama's trade items as Pacific pact looms 
    Updated: Jun-25-15 2:02 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Republican-led Congress rounded out President Barack Obama's trade package Thursday, overwhelmingly passing a worker training program just weeks after it was stymied.

  • Accidental drowning blamed in death of ex-White House chef story has photos
    Updated: Jun-23-15 7:39 pm

    TAOS, New Mexico - A former White House chef for Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush drowned in a New Mexico mountain stream, and his death was ruled an accident, authorities said Tuesday.

  • New Mexico looks to expand work requirements for food stamps 
    Updated: Jun-23-15 5:16 pm

    SANTA FE, New Mexico - Republican Gov. Susana Martinez's administration wants to expand work, training and job-search requirements for low-income New Mexicans to qualify for food stamps.

  • Ex-White House chef Scheib remembered for magnificent meals story has photos
    Updated: Jun-22-15 7:01 pm

    TAOS, New Mexico - From spending more than a decade preparing food for some of the world's most influential people as the White House executive chef to appearing on the Food Network's "Iron Chef America" show in 2006, Walter Scheib is being remembered for his culinary creations and charity work.

  • No leads in mountain search for ex-White House chef 
    Updated: Jun-21-15 1:19 pm

    TAOS, New Mexico - Authorities say they have no new leads in the search for a former White House chef who went missing more than a week ago while hiking in New Mexico.

  • America's inaugural poet visits Cuba amid warming with US story has photos
    Updated: Jun-19-15 9:07 am

    EL ESPARTACO, Cuba - The old woman looked suspiciously from her window as American poet Richard Blanco and a writer friend clambered out of a battered Soviet-era sedan and walked up to her front porch.

  • A partial list of attacks on black churches in the US 
    Updated: Jun-18-15 3:52 pm

    Churches have long played a key role in black communities in the United States. Once, in parts of the nation, church buildings were the only places blacks could gather without fear of violence or harassment. Because of that, an attack on a black church took on special significance.

  • NBC removes Brian Williams from 'Nightly News' story has photos
    Updated: Jun-18-15 3:47 pm

    NEW YORK - NBC said Thursday that Brian Williams will not return to his job as "Nightly News" anchor following his suspension for misrepresenting himself, but will be given a second chance with the company as a breaking news anchor at the cable network MSNBC.

  • Mandeville business man sentenced in auto dealership scam 
    Updated: Jun-18-15 7:55 am

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - A politically connected Mandeville businessman has been sentenced to more than 11 years in federal prison for billing a group of south Louisiana car dealerships more than $1.2 million for advertising purchases he never made.

  • FACT CHECK: Why Bush's growth forecast is a stretch story has photos
    Updated: Jun-17-15 1:14 pm

    WASHINGTON - Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush says there's "not a reason in the world" why the U.S. economy can't grow at 4 percent annually.

  • Online Mideast peace group gets high-powered boost 
    Updated: Jun-17-15 11:42 am

    JERUSALEM - An online group promoting Mideast peace is receiving a high-powered boost of support as it prepares to pass a key milestone.

  • Clinton: Obama should use trade fight to his advantage story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-15-15 12:02 am

    DES MOINES, Iowa - Hillary Rodham Clinton said Sunday that President Barack Obama should use a setback in Congress to seek the best possible trade agreement with 11 other Pacific Rim nations, pointing to the stumbles over the pact as an opportunity to address Democrats' concerns about job protections and wages.

  • CNN's Jake Tapper hopes to add depth to Sunday morning crowd 
    Updated: Jun-10-15 1:19 pm

    NEW YORK - CNN's Jake Tapper, the third new host of a Sunday morning public affairs show to debut within the past year, says he hopes to attract viewers who want a little more depth to their political interviews.

  • Clinton, Democrats meeting labor leaders on 2016 bids 
    Updated: Jun-09-15 12:50 pm

    WASHINGTON - Hillary Rodham Clinton and her Democratic presidential rivals are holding private meetings with labor leaders in hopes of landing union endorsements that would bring organizational muscle and money to their 2016 campaigns.

  • In sorrow, Obama-Biden put personal bond on public display story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-07-15 9:14 am

    WASHINGTON - Few relationships in Washington are as complex as that of president and vice president, a partnership forged of political necessity and often defined by rivalry and competing self-interests.

  • Beau Biden, VP's son, remembered for life of service story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-06-15 5:55 pm

    WILMINGTON, Delaware - Politicians, military leaders and celebrities from across the country came to bid farewell on Saturday to former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, whose death at age 46 opened yet another chapter of grief for his father, Vice President Joe Biden.