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Stories with person: Seth Rogen
  • Steve Jobs plays dual role of hero, villain in the movies 
    Updated: Oct-09-15 10:07 am

    SAN FRANCISCO - Apple co-founder Steve Jobs became renowned for conjuring a "reality distortion field" that made people believe whatever he wanted.

  • Review: 'Steve Jobs' plays man versus machine story has photos
    Updated: Oct-06-15 12:50 am

    When is someone going to open a window in Aaron Sorkin's "Steve Jobs"? Alas, wrong operating system.

  • 'Being Canadian' filmmaker Rob Cohen passes AP's Canuck test 
    Updated: Sep-14-15 10:17 am

    LOS ANGELES - In "Being Canadian," Los Angeles-based comedy writer and director Rob Cohen seeks to dispel, or at least poke fun at, some of the canards about being a Canuck. A native of Calgary, Cohen takes a cross-country road trip, tackles the assumption that all Canadians are "nice," examines their perennial inferiority complex toward the U.S., and unravels why for much of its history, the Canadian Football League had only eight names for its nine teams.