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Stories with person: Tom Cruise
  • Proof of Trump's charity giving elusive 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 1:32 am

    WASHINGTON - Donald Trump, widely believed to be the wealthiest American ever to run for president, is nowhere among the ranks of the country's most generous citizens, according to an Associated Press review of his financial records and other government filings.

  • Orbiting secrets, 'Star Wars' and fandom with Simon Pegg 
    Updated: Jul-30-15 12:27 pm

    LOS ANGELES - Simon Pegg has too many state secrets to keep track of, and most of that is J.J. Abrams' fault.

  • Review: Mission accomplished for Cruise in new 'MI' flick 
    Updated: Jul-29-15 12:59 pm

    There's some interesting talk in the cleverly satisfying script of "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" about the element of luck. As in: How much is luck a factor in the success of Ethan Hunt and his IMF cohorts? After all, in the last movie they merely saved us from a nuclear holocaust. Was it talent, work, or dumb luck?

  • Strapped to flying Airbus, Tom Cruise muses on camera angle 
    Updated: Jul-23-15 6:22 pm

    VIENNA - Imagine this. You're strapped to the outside of a flying jetliner, thousands of feet above ground and rapidly rising. What would be going through your head?

  • Comic-Con no-shows signal shifting times for big movies story has photos
    Updated: Jul-11-15 4:40 pm

    SAN DIEGO - There's a Hulk-sized hole at Comic-Con this year. Three of the major studios and Disney/Marvel are not hosting a panel in the main hall at the annual fan festival. That means no Iron Man, no Captain America, and no Spider-Man - at least their filmed versions.