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Stories with organization: Chinese armed forces
  • Hawaii inmate sues after schizophrenic cellmate beats him up 
    Updated: May-20-16 9:25 pm

    HONOLULU - A former U.S. Pacific Command defense contractor imprisoned for giving military secrets to his Chinese girlfriend has sued the federal government after a paranoid schizophrenic cellmate beat him up.

  • China stages war games days ahead of Taiwan inauguration 
    Updated: May-18-16 8:16 am

    BEIJING - China is staging large-scale joint war games featuring mock beach landing, helicopter assaults and tank battles along its east coast facing Taiwan, just days before the inauguration of the self-governing island's new independence-leaning president.

  • China says US report hypes up its so-called military threat story has photos
    Updated: May-15-16 12:36 am

    BEIJING - China's defense ministry criticized a U.S. report assessing its island-building efforts in the South China Sea, saying it "hyped up" China's so-called military threat.

  • Report: China has reclaimed 3,200 acres in South China Sea 
    Updated: May-13-16 4:47 pm

    WASHINGTON - China has reclaimed more than 3,200 acres of land in the southeastern South China Sea. But the country's focus has shifted to developing and weaponizing those man-made islands so it will have greater control over the maritime region without resorting to armed conflict, according to a new Pentagon report.

  • China navy plane hits buildings, no casualties reported 
    Updated: May-11-16 11:53 pm

    BEIJING - A Chinese navy fighter jet on a nighttime training mission crashed into buildings in an eastern city, but the pilot ejected safely and there were no reports of casualties, the Defense Ministry reported Thursday.

  • China says US patrols justify defensive deployments 
    Updated: May-11-16 12:37 am

    BEIJING - Upping the ante in the feud over who is responsible for rising tensions in the South China Sea, China on Wednesday said repeated U.S. Navy patrols in the area are forcing it to boost the defense capabilities of the islands it controls and may require it to launch more air and sea patrols.

  • China envoy to visit Djibouti, site of 1st overseas base 
    Updated: May-07-16 3:59 am

    BEIJING - Chinese President Xi Jinping is sending a special envoy to visit the Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti, where China is establishing a naval logistics center that is widely seen as the first overseas base for its increasingly powerful military.

  • US Navy commander says canceled HK visit a minor hurdle story has photos
    Updated: May-06-16 9:27 am

    SHANGHAI - The commander of the U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet on Friday dismissed the cancellation of a planned port visit to Hong Kong by an American aircraft carrier as a "minor hurdle" in relations between the two militaries.

  • China military tries musical approach to image building 
    Updated: May-04-16 8:00 am

    BEIJING - China's military has a bulging arsenal of ships, warplanes and missiles, but this week, music is its weapon of choice.

  • After ships and planes, Chinese singers assert sea claims 
    Updated: May-04-16 4:56 am

    BEIJING - China's military has dispatched ships and planes - even constructed new islands to assert its maritime claims. Now it's deploying a new set of tools to uphold Chinese sovereignty: Magicians, singers and actors.

  • 'Waiting for order to kill:' China video seeks army recruits story has photos
    Updated: May-04-16 2:15 am

    BEIJING - China's military is appealing to the younger generation with a slick new recruitment video featuring aircraft carriers, tanks and special forces troops, all set to a rousing rap-rock soundtrack.