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Stories with organization: Smithsonian Institution
  • Vintage Brown County dolls headed for the Smithsonian 
    Updated: Jun-21-15 1:13 pm

    NASHVILLE, Indiana - Early in the Great Depression, Portia Howe Sperry put Brown County women to work sewing soft cotton rag dolls with wool-stuffed jointed arms and legs and simple hand-painted faces that sold for 25 cents.

  • Mother donates son's Medal of Honor to Smithsonian 
    Updated: Jun-21-15 10:01 am

    LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Marine Cpl. William Thomas Perkins Jr. documented history as a combat photographer. Now his posthumously awarded Medal of Honor will go to Washington, D.C., to document his role in the Vietnam War.

  • DNA from ancient skeleton shows ties to Native Americans story has photos
    Updated: Jun-18-15 1:27 pm

    NEW YORK - An ancient skeleton found nearly 20 years ago in a river in Washington is related to Native Americans, says a DNA study that could help resolve a long-running dispute over its ancestry and custody.

  • Searching for Earhart is his life's quest, despite doubters story has photos
    Updated: Jun-13-15 5:10 pm

    OXFORD, Pennsylvania - There are many people with theories about what happened to Amelia Earhart. But few stir up more excitement - or more ire - than Ric Gillespie.