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Stories with organization: Taliban
  • Laws encourage alternatives to prison for veterans with PTSD story has photos
    Updated: Jun-30-16 12:14 pm

    RALEIGH, North Carolina - A former Army sergeant's defenders say he truly believed he was protecting fellow soldiers from a Taliban bomber when he emptied 24 rounds at police and firefighters responding to a fire in his apartment.

  • Senate panel grants more visas for Afghans who supported US 
    Updated: Jun-29-16 7:03 pm

    WASHINGTON - A Senate panel decided Wednesday to provide an additional 4,000 visas to allow Afghans who sided with the American-led coalition and are at risk of being killed or injured by the Taliban to resettle in the United States.

  • Former Afghan warlord scuttles peace deal with Kabul story has photos
    Updated: Jun-27-16 8:18 am

    ISLAMABAD - A former Afghan warlord announced Monday that a much-touted peace deal between his militant group and the Kabul government was effectively "dead."

  • After Obama decision, first US airstrikes hit Afghan Taliban 
    Updated: Jun-24-16 4:43 pm

    KABUL, Afghanistan - The U.S. military has launched its first airstrikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan since President Barack Obama's decision earlier this month to expand America's involvement against the insurgents, U.S. officials said Friday.

  • Pakistan province gives $3 million to Taliban-linked school 
    Updated: Jun-23-16 12:45 pm

    PESHAWAR, Pakistan - A Pakistani provincial government has allocated $3 million to a Taliban-linked seminary in a volatile region bordering Afghanistan, a local official said Thursday, sparking criticism from the central government in Islamabad and secular groups.

  • Prosecutors urge court to reject ex-Russian soldier's appeal 
    Updated: Jun-21-16 8:19 pm

    RICHMOND, Virginia - Prosecutors are urging a federal court to deny an appeal by a former Russian military tank commander convicted of leading a Taliban attack on U.S. forces.

  • New demands threaten peace pact with Afghan militant group 
    Updated: Jun-20-16 11:36 am

    ISLAMABAD - An Afghan militant group has issued new impossible-to-meet demands to sign a peace agreement, effectively scuttling the first such deal to be signed by the Afghan government, officials negotiating the deal said Monday.

  • Pentagon report says Afghans feel less secure 
    Updated: Jun-17-16 5:02 pm

    WASHINGTON - Afghans feel less secure than at any recent time, a new Pentagon report says, as Afghan battlefield deaths continue to escalate and civilian casualties hit a record high.

  • US commander in Afghanistan submits his 3-month take on war 
    Updated: Jun-16-16 2:45 am

    KABUL, Afghanistan - The new U.S. commander in Afghanistan has submitted his first three-month assessment of the situation in the war-torn country and what it's going to take to defeat the Taliban, a U.S. military official has told The Associated Press.

  • US troops staying in Afghanistan? New look at reduction plan story has photos
    Updated: Jun-15-16 12:20 pm

    BRUSSELS - U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has told NATO allies America will take a new look at its plans to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year, a British official says, a fresh indication that U.S. involvement in the country is not waning in the final months of Barack Obama's presidency.

  • Senate approves defense bill, defies White House veto threat story has photos
    Updated: Jun-14-16 12:18 pm

    WASHINGTON - Defying a White House veto threat, the Senate voted decisively Tuesday to approve a defense policy bill that authorizes $602 billion in military spending, bars shuttering the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and denies the Pentagon's bid to start a new round of military base closings.

  • Father of Orlando gunman known for rambling political videos 
    Updated: Jun-13-16 4:03 pm

    KABUL, Afghanistan - The father of the Orlando nightclub gunman came to the U.S. from Afghanistan more than 30 years ago and has made a series of rambling political videos about his former homeland, even once describing himself as its "revolutionary president."

  • What We Know: Gay nightclub shooting deadliest on US soil story has photos
    Updated: Jun-12-16 10:44 pm

    A gunman opened fire at a gay night club in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday, leaving 50 people dead and 53 wounded before he was killed in a shootout with SWAT team members. Here's what we know about the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history:

  • UN honored Ali's lifelong commitment to peace and rights story has photos
    Updated: Jun-11-16 5:39 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - When Muhammad Ali was trying to win a fourth heavyweight championship in the late 1970s, he came to the United Nations to campaign against apartheid and injustice and presented then secretary-general Kurt Waldheim with one of his drawings entitled "Peace!"

  • In Pakistan US drone strike victim's family push for justice 
    Updated: Jun-10-16 6:04 am

    ISLAMABAD - Pakistan's government met senior U.S. officials Friday to discuss the fallout from a May 21 drone attack that killed Taliban chief Mullah Akhtar Mansour, while the family of the taxi driver who died alongside Mansour demanded justice.

  • With new tactics, Taliban gain ground in south Afghanistan story has photos
    Updated: Jun-03-16 12:34 pm

    KABUL, Afghanistan - In the rugged terrain of the Taliban heartland in southern Afghanistan, the fight against the Kabul government has become a war for control of key stretches of main roads and highways as the insurgents use a new tactic to gain ground.

  • UN: Violations against children in conflict rose in 2015 
    Updated: Jun-03-16 12:43 am

    UNITED NATIONS - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed shock at the escalating recruitment and killing of children in conflicts last year - especially in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia and South Sudan.