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Stories with organization: Iraq government
  • Memorial service in Oklahoma for soldier killed in IS fight 
    Updated: Nov-24-15 7:36 pm

    MULDROW, Oklahoma - The first American soldier to die in combat against the Islamic State group in Iraq was remembered Tuesday during a memorial service as a man who was passionate about his wife, children, church and making others happy.

  • Australia leader talks down prospect of US-led army in Syria 
    Updated: Nov-24-15 5:36 am

    CANBERRA, Australia - There is no support among world leaders for the prospect of a U.S.-led army in Iraq and Syria to take back ground from Islamic State militants, Australia's prime minister said Tuesday.

  • Officials: IS determined to produce chemical weapons 
    Updated: Nov-19-15 11:54 am

    BAGHDAD - The Islamic State group is aggressively pursuing development of chemical weapons, setting up a branch dedicated to research and experiments with the help of scientists from Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the region, according to Iraqi and U.S. intelligence officials.

  • Canada to increase Iraq trainers, but will remove jets 
    Updated: Nov-17-15 11:39 am

    TORONTO - Canada will send more military trainers to Iraq but remains committed to removing its fighter jets from the country, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday, sticking with his campaign pledges for the region despite the Paris attacks. He added that he stands by his goal of bringing in 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year despite mounting domestic pressure to reevaluate the plan.

  • France demands EU support in Syria, Iraq and other missions 
    Updated: Nov-17-15 11:25 am

    BRUSSELS - France invoked a never-before-used European Union "mutual-defense clause" to demand Tuesday that its partners provide support for its operations against the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq and other security missions in the wake of the Paris attacks.

  • France IDs top Paris attacks figure, seeks unity to bomb IS 
    Updated: Nov-16-15 10:29 pm

    PARIS - France identified a 27-year-old Belgian who once boasted about killing "infidels" and fought for the Islamic State group in Syria as the mastermind of the Paris attacks, and President Francois Hollande vowed Monday to forge a united coalition capable of defeating the jihadists at home and abroad.

  • AP Newsbreak: Iraq warned of attacks before Paris assault 
    Updated: Nov-16-15 7:06 am

    BAGHDAD - Senior Iraqi intelligence officials warned members of the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group of imminent assaults by the militant organization just one day before last week's deadly attacks in Paris killed 129 people, The Associated Press has learned.

  • European terror-recruiting cell linked to IS broken up 
    Updated: Nov-12-15 8:17 am

    ROME - European law enforcement authorities announced Thursday they had broken up a Norway-based Iraqi Kurdish recruitment ring that radicalized prospects via the Internet and sent them to fight in Iraq and Syria alongside the Islamic State group. Thirteen people were arrested in Italy, Britain and Norway.

  • Iraq's Ahmad Chalabi, leading voice behind 2003 war, dies story has photos
    Updated: Nov-03-15 12:17 pm

    BAGHDAD - Ahmad Chalabi, a prominent Iraqi politician who became a Pentagon favorite when he helped convince the Bush administration to overthrow Saddam Hussein in 2003 by pushing false allegations of weapons of mass destruction and links to al-Qaida, died Tuesday of a heart attack. He was 71.

  • Head of inquiry into Iraq war expects report next year 
    Updated: Oct-29-15 9:28 am

    LONDON - The chairman of Britain's Iraq war inquiry pledged in a letter released Thursday that his long-awaited report will be published next summer, disappointing the prime minister and families of slain service personnel who were hoping that it would happen sooner.