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Stories with organization: Illinois State General Assembly
  • new storyIllinois GOP lawmakers want auditor spending answers 
    Updated: May-05-16 3:26 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - A group of Republican lawmakers attempted to turn up the election-year heat Thursday on the state's chief fiscal monitor, demanding that Auditor General Frank Mautino answer questions about his campaign spending as a legislator.

  • Correction: Dennis Hastert-Legislation story story has photos
    Updated: May-05-16 11:48 am

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - In a story May 4 about Illinois legislation that would eliminate the statute of limitations on child sex abuse crimes, The Associated Press reported erroneously that former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert paid $3.5 million to silence someone who accused him of sexual abuse. Hastert agreed to pay that amount, but he ultimately paid only $1.7 million and the victim is now suing him to collect the rest.

  • Analysis adds fuel to fight over Illinois school funding 
    Updated: May-04-16 7:32 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration on Wednesday released an analysis of a Democratic plan to change the way Illinois funds education, prompting more Republican criticism that it's a "major bailout" for Chicago Public Schools and fueling an increasingly contentious election-year fight.

  • Illinois Democrats drop plan to tax wealthy at higher rates 
    Updated: May-04-16 5:20 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Illinois House Democrats abandoned a plan to increase taxes on millionaires if voters approved in November.

  • Illinois lawmakers urge Boeing not to sell aircraft to Iran 
    Updated: May-04-16 4:54 pm

    WASHINGTON - Three Republican congressmen from Illinois are urging the chief executive officer of Chicago-based Boeing to avoid doing business with Iran and not sell aircraft to upgrade its fleet.

  • Illinois senator wants to stop using 'alien' for immigrants 
    Updated: May-04-16 1:18 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - An Illinois lawmaker wants the state to stop referring to immigrants in the country illegally as aliens.

  • Advocacy group says Illinois fantasy sports bill needs work 
    Updated: May-04-16 6:34 am

    CHICAGO - A law enforcement advocacy group in Chicago says safeguards in proposed Illinois legislation on fantasy sports betting aren't good enough and could open the door to organized crime.

  • Illinois weighs college aid for students in the US illegally 
    Updated: Apr-29-16 3:34 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Laura Vivaldo considers herself fortunate among her Illinois college classmates who are in the U.S. illegally and struggle to pay tuition because they don't qualify for state or federal financial aid.

  • Lawmaker calls for Illinois to revoke Hastert's pension 
    Updated: Apr-29-16 9:29 am

    CHICAGO - An Illinois state senator is urging the state to strip Dennis Hastert of the taxpayer-funded pension he receives from when he was state legislator.

  • Gov. Rauner expresses optimism about Illinois budget talks 
    Updated: Apr-27-16 4:43 pm

    AUBURN, Illinois - Gov. Bruce Rauner struck an optimistic tone that he can reach a budget agreement with Illinois lawmakers next month, telling an assembly of high school students Wednesday that he's "pretty excited" about the prospect of ending the historic stalemate.

  • Illinois bills would limit mentally ill from owning guns story has photos
    Updated: Apr-26-16 3:58 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Illinois' ability to keep guns out of the hands of people who are mentally ill or pose a danger would be strengthened under several proposals in the General Assembly, but the ideas have raised concerns among gun rights advocates.

  • Illinois seeks to limit use of solitary confinement story has photos
    Updated: Apr-24-16 7:52 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Brian Nelson's years in solitary confinement left him terrified of other people, and he says he can still taste the concrete dust from his cell, even though he's been free since 2010.

  • EXCHANGE: Battle underway against Rockford's education gap 
    Updated: Apr-23-16 4:10 am

    ROCKFORD, Illinois - A pilot program launched in October is showing signs of success as educators look to arm thousands of adults in Boone and Winnebago counties with a high school equivalency certificate and skills that will land them a sustainable job.

  • The Latest: Illinois universities grateful; say more needed 
    Updated: Apr-22-16 3:32 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - The Latest on the Illinois Legislature's plan to fund higher education and other legislative issues (all times local):

  • Senate OKs redistricting plan, nixes cutting lt. governor 
    Updated: Apr-21-16 8:37 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - The method for drawing political district boundaries took a prime seat during legislative work Thursday, with one proposal to make the process fairer clearing the Senate and another one advancing in the House.

  • Tampon-tax repeal, birth control access bills get initial OK 
    Updated: Apr-21-16 6:33 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Illinois lawmakers are advancing proposals that would make feminine hygiene products and contraception more affordable for women.

  • Property tax-freeze champ Rauner says House plan not enough 
    Updated: Apr-21-16 5:38 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner says a House-approved property-tax freeze doesn't go far enough.

  • Illinois legislation would encourage reporting sex assault 
    Updated: Apr-21-16 6:36 am

    CHICAGO - A group of Illinois prosecutors and advocates say new legislation would encourage more victims of sexual assault to report the crime to authorities.

  • Educators pressure Illinois lawmakers over school funding 
    Updated: Apr-20-16 6:27 pm

    CHICAGO - Educators on Wednesday amped up the pressure on Illinois leaders for more school and university funding with protests in Springfield and fierce criticism of Gov. Bruce Rauner by the head of the Chicago Teachers Union.

  • Bill would make labs offer research beagles for adoption 
    Updated: Apr-19-16 11:11 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Furry, four-legged lobbyists visited the Illinois State Capitol to support legislation that would require research dogs and cats a chance at adoption.

  • House approves plan giving juveniles quicker hearings 
    Updated: Apr-19-16 6:54 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Juveniles who commit nonviolent crimes would get a detention hearing much quicker under a plan heading to the Illinois Senate.

  • Illinois lawmakers debate how state should draw districts 
    Updated: Apr-19-16 6:11 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - The full Illinois House and Senate are expected to debate plans this week on how to overhaul the way the state draws its legislative districts every decade, an issue that members from both parties say they want to change but over which debate inevitably devolves into partisan sniping.

  • Illinois House committee OKs progressive income tax plan 
    Updated: Apr-19-16 1:29 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - A measure to tax the wealthiest people in Illinois at higher rates is heading to the state House floor for consideration.

  • Illinois education-funding amendment gets initial OK 
    Updated: Apr-18-16 9:18 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Votes would be asked to change the Illinois Constitution to declare that the state should be responsible for the majority of public school funding under a measure that advanced in the state House Monday.

  • Cullerton drops idea to tax miles driven to finance roads 
    Updated: Apr-18-16 7:03 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - The Illinois Senate president says he will not pursue a proposal to pay for road construction by taxing motorists by the miles they drive.