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Stories with organization: U.S. Department of Defense
  • Pentagon pressing allies for more help against Islamic State story has photos
    Updated: Nov-21-15 5:02 am

    WASHINGTON - The Pentagon is pressing European and Arab allies to provide more troops and support for the war against the Islamic State group, hoping that the horror of the Paris attacks - and the fear more are coming - will compel them to get more deeply involved.

  • Head of think tank that helped produce Pentagon Papers dies 
    Updated: Nov-19-15 2:36 pm

    PALO ALTO, California - Henry S. Rowen, an American policymaker and Stanford University economist who was president of the RAND Corp. when it helped produce the Pentagon Papers, has died, university officials announced Thursday.

  • Foreign owner ban scuttles Australia's biggest land sale 
    Updated: Nov-19-15 9:21 am

    CANBERRA, Australia - A government ban on foreign investors buying a pioneering dynasty's collection of cattle ranches has scuttled Australia's biggest land sale, an official said on Friday.

  • Obama vows continued Gitmo closure push despite fresh delay story has photos
    Updated: Nov-19-15 8:16 am

    MANILA, Philippines - President Barack Obama vowed Thursday to work "meticulously" with Congress to try to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center, and said he saw no reason for the Paris attacks to derail his long-planned push to make good on an unfulfilled campaign promise.

  • Opaque military justice system shields child sex abuse cases story has photos
    Updated: Nov-18-15 5:01 pm

    WASHINGTON - More inmates are in U.S. military prisons for sex crimes against children than for any other offense, an Associated Press investigation has found, but an opaque justice system prevents the public from knowing the full scope of the crimes or how much time the prisoners spend behind bars.

  • 3 top prosecutors: Don't send us Guantanamo detainees 
    Updated: Nov-18-15 3:42 pm

    COLUMBIA, South Carolina - Top prosecutors in three states being assessed as potential future homes for Guantanamo Bay detainees implored the Obama administration on Wednesday not to send the prisoners to their states.

  • Carter pushing retirement, other changes for future force 
    Updated: Nov-18-15 3:33 pm

    WASHINGTON - The U.S. military must harness the best talent and keep up its technological edge in order to meet evolving security challenges, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Wednesday as he rolled out a series of initiatives aimed at attracting the next generation of service members and dragging the often-antiquated Pentagon bureaucracy into the 21st century.

  • Chinese troops to visit US Army base for medical drills 
    Updated: Nov-16-15 1:59 pm

    TACOMA, Washington - The month after a U.S. Navy warship sailed by an artificial Chinese island in the contested waters of the South China Sea, the Department of Defense is reaching out with a friendlier gesture.

  • UAE takes 5 Yemeni prisoners freed by US from Guantanamo 
    Updated: Nov-16-15 8:03 am

    MIAMI - Five men who have been held for more than 13 years at the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have been released and sent to the United Arab Emirates, the Pentagon said Sunday.

  • Paris attacks reaction: Nordic governments condemn attacks 
    Updated: Nov-14-15 5:50 am

    PARIS - World leaders are reacting to the deadliest violence to strike France since World War II. Some of their comments:

  • Paris attacks reaction: Israel condemns violence 
    Updated: Nov-14-15 2:44 am

    PARIS - World leaders are reacting to the deadliest violence to strike France since World War II. Some of their views:

  • Reaction from around the world to Paris attacks 
    Updated: Nov-14-15 1:37 am

    PARIS - World leaders are reacting to the deadliest violence to strike France since World War II. Some of their views:

  • AP Interview: Kansas governor wants Guantanamo plans dropped 
    Updated: Nov-13-15 7:48 pm

    TOPEKA, Kansas - With a White House report expected soon, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback said Friday that President Barack Obama should drop efforts to move detainees from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and argued that the administration is already violating federal law by surveying potential prison sites.

  • The Latest: Top officials heading to Paris concert hall 
    Updated: Nov-13-15 7:28 pm

    PARIS - The latest on shootings and explosions in Paris. (all times local):

  • Congress OKs bill banning Guantanamo detainees from US story has photos
    Updated: Nov-11-15 12:19 am

    WASHINGTON - Congress sent President Barack Obama a $607 billion defense policy bill that he is expected to sign even though he adamantly opposes its ban on moving some Guantanamo Bay detainees to U.S. prisons.

  • Carter says Russia, China potentially threaten global order 
    Updated: Nov-07-15 11:48 pm

    SIMI VALLEY, California - Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Saturday accused Russia of endangering world order, citing its incursions in Ukraine and loose talk about nuclear weapons, and said the U.S. defense establishment is searching for creative ways to deter Russian aggression and protect U.S. allies.

  • Retiree traveled world forecasting weather for troops 
    Updated: Nov-07-15 9:32 am

    HEDGESVILLE, West Virginia - Not unlike other retirees, Larry Mayou doesn't pay a lot of attention to the weather -he prefers to just wait and see what happens.

  • Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg visits Air Force Academy 
    Updated: Nov-06-15 8:34 pm

    AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colorado - Facebook's chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, told cadets at the Air Force Academy that bias is prevalent in the military.

  • Boeing, Lockheed Martin formally protest bomber contract 
    Updated: Nov-06-15 3:51 pm

    EVERETT, Washington - The Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin have filed formal protests against the Pentagon's decision to give the contract for a new stealth bomber to Northrop Grumman.

  • Carter checks on lab effort to ID airman lost in Asia story has photos
    Updated: Nov-05-15 10:54 pm

    HONOLULU - Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Thursday toured a forensics laboratory that is trying to positively identify human remains which, just hours earlier in Malaysia, he had saluted as they were returned to U.S. custody.

  • Pentagon chief takes jab at China with aircraft carrier stop story has photos
    Updated: Nov-05-15 7:21 am

    ABOARD THE USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT - With a key Asian ally at his side, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter made a subtle jab at China on Thursday by flying aboard an American aircraft carrier plying the contested waters of the South China Sea.

  • Malaysia returns remains from site of 1945 US plane crash 
    Updated: Nov-04-15 9:00 pm

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - The Malaysian government on Thursday returned to U.S. custody human remains recovered from the crash of a U.S. military transport plane in 1945.

  • Capitol Hill Buzz: Feinstein vs. Cruz story has photos
    Updated: Nov-04-15 5:09 pm

    WASHINGTON - It was another round of Cruz vs. Feinstein.

  • Remains of NY Marine killed in '43 Pacific battle identified 
    Updated: Nov-03-15 9:08 pm

    ALBANY, New York - Growing up in New York City, twins Michael and James Reilly did everything together. After the U.S. entered World War II, they enlisted in the Marines on the same day. When the leathernecks landed at Tarawa, the brothers were in the same assault wave.

  • Iraq's Ahmad Chalabi, leading voice behind 2003 war, dies story has photos
    Updated: Nov-03-15 12:17 pm

    BAGHDAD - Ahmad Chalabi, a prominent Iraqi politician who became a Pentagon favorite when he helped convince the Bush administration to overthrow Saddam Hussein in 2003 by pushing false allegations of weapons of mass destruction and links to al-Qaida, died Tuesday of a heart attack. He was 71.