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Stories with organization: United Nations Security Council
  • China ambassador says North Korean proposal merits study 
    Updated: Apr-29-16 11:56 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - China's U.N. ambassador says a North Korea proposal under which Pyongyang would halt its nuclear program if the U.S. and South Korea suspend joint military exercises merits consideration.

  • UN proposal demands combatants protect hospitals and doctors 
    Updated: Apr-29-16 7:23 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - A proposed U.N. resolution that supporters hope will be adopted next week demands that all parties to conflicts protect medical workers, hospitals and medical facilities against violence and attacks - and face justice if they don't.

  • UN urges return to full operation of Western Sahara mission 
    Updated: Apr-29-16 2:36 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - The U.N. Security Council called Friday for the urgent return of the U.N. peacekeeping mission in the disputed Western Sahara to its full operation, a rebuke to Morocco which expelled most of the mission's civilian staff to protest a perceived slight by the U.N. secretary-general.

  • UN says 9,333 killed since Ukraine conflict began 
    Updated: Apr-28-16 7:52 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - Nearly 10,000 people have been killed and more than 20,000 injured since the Ukraine conflict began in April 2014, a top U.N. official said Thursday.

  • UN: More aid deliveries in Syria, but people still starving 
    Updated: Apr-28-16 7:16 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - The U.N. humanitarian chief warned Thursday that despite increased aid deliveries in Syria, people are still starving without medical care and said the world should be "ashamed" at the devastating human toll in five years of "senseless" fighting.

  • Israel treads carefully with claim to Golan story has photos
    Updated: Apr-28-16 5:06 pm

    JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sparked a new diplomatic brushfire by declaring that the Golan Heights, seized from Syria in the 1967 Mideast war, is and should remain "under Israel's sovereignty permanently."

  • South Korea: Suspected midrange North Korean missiles fail story has photos
    Updated: Apr-28-16 3:49 pm

    SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea attempted unsuccessfully to launch two suspected powerful intermediate-range missiles on Thursday, South Korean defense officials said, bringing the number of apparent failures in recent weeks to three.

  • UN votes to wrap up Ivory Coast peacekeeping mission in 2017 
    Updated: Apr-28-16 1:50 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously Thursday to wrap up its 12-year peacekeeping mission in Ivory Coast next year, a sign of confidence in the West African nation's progress to peace after years of political turmoil and thousands of deaths.

  • UN to meet on May 6 on protection of Palestinian civilians 
    Updated: Apr-27-16 11:55 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - The U.N. Security Council will hold an informal meeting on May 6 on the protection of Palestinian civilians, an issue the Palestinians have pressed for decades and say is more needed now than ever.

  • Russia asks UN to blacklist 2 powerful Syrian rebel groups 
    Updated: Apr-27-16 11:53 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - Russia said Wednesday it has asked the U.N. Security Council to blacklist two powerful Syrian rebel groups that it considers "terrorist organizations," one which is playing a key role in political negotiations aimed at ending the five-year conflict.

  • UN envoy appeals to US, Russia to help Syria peace talks story has photos
    Updated: Apr-27-16 11:39 pm

    GENEVA - The U.N. envoy for Syria appealed to the U.S. and Russia to intervene to help revive Syrian peace talks that sputtered to a pause Wednesday, saying a recent spike in fighting has overshadowed the talks and put an increasingly feeble truce in "great danger."

  • Group: Western Sahara war is possible if no vote date set story has photos
    Updated: Apr-26-16 12:08 pm

    MADRID - A top member of a group seeking independence for Western Sahara warned Tuesday that war is possible over the disputed territory annexed by Morocco if the U.N. Security Council fails to set a timetable for a vote on self-determination.

  • US says piracy in Gulf of Guinea increasing at alarming rate 
    Updated: Apr-25-16 7:59 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - The United States warned Monday that piracy and armed robbery are increasing at an alarming rate in the Gulf of Guinea, pointing to reports by industry experts of at least 32 attacks off the coast of Nigeria alone so far this year.

  • Palestinians back French meeting on Israel-Palestinian peace 
    Updated: Apr-21-16 3:49 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - The Palestinians said Thursday they strongly support a French initiative to hold a ministerial meeting, probably on May 30, as a first step to an international conference aimed at reviving the long-stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

  • Argentine foreign minister questioned on being next UN chief 
    Updated: Apr-20-16 7:51 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - Argentina's Foreign Minister Susanna Malcorra said Wednesday that whether she is nominated as a candidate to be the next secretary-general of the United Nations "is in the hands of my president."

  • 14,000 people to elect next Somali parliament this year 
    Updated: Apr-19-16 7:32 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - Somalia's president said Tuesday a new electoral process for the Horn of Africa nation will be far more democratic this year when an electoral college of thousands elects members of parliament - compared to just 135 elders who selected the current members in 2012.

  • Israel and Palestinians engage in rare UN shouting match story has video
    Updated: Apr-18-16 7:05 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - The Israeli and Palestinian ambassadors engaged in a rare shouting match in the U.N. Security Council on Monday, reflecting Israel's growing consternation at the upsurge in Palestinian attacks against civilians and Palestinian frustration at the failure to achieve its dream of a truly independent state.

  • UN envoy says peace in Yemen has never been so close 
    Updated: Apr-15-16 6:50 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - The U.N. special envoy for Yemen who will be leading peace talks next week between the government and Shiite rebels said Friday that peace has never been as close as it is today.

  • Russia urges closing Turkey-Syria border to bar extremists 
    Updated: Apr-14-16 11:21 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - Russia called Thursday for the closing of the Turkey-Syrian border to prevent the Islamic State and the Al-Nusra Front extremist groups from receiving foreign fighters and weapons into Syria - and from exporting oil, artifacts and other goods.

  • New UN proposal aims at extremists use of chemical weapons 
    Updated: Apr-13-16 6:56 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - Russia and China introduced a draft U.N. resolution Wednesday aimed at preventing extremist groups like the Islamic State and the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front from developing or using chemical weapons in Syria.

  • Palestinians hope for Obama change of heart with UN vote 
    Updated: Apr-10-16 12:23 pm

    JERUSALEM - With President Barack Obama in his last months in office, the Palestinians are hoping he will follow up his historic breakthroughs with Iran and Cuba with a push for their cause as well.

  • Spokesman says Saudi-led force will commit to Yemen truce 
    Updated: Apr-08-16 3:31 pm

    CAIRO - The Saudi-led coalition behind a year-long military campaign against Yemen's Shiite rebels is ready to commit to a cease-fire as long as the rebels abide by a U.N. Security Council resolution that calls for their pullout from Yemeni cities, the alliance's spokesman said Friday.

  • Afghan insurgency battle marred by political dysfunction 
    Updated: Apr-08-16 3:11 am

    KABUL, Afghanistan - When the spokesman for an Afghan government ministry was asked why he wasn't answering his phone, he said he was on strike as he hadn't been paid for nine months.

  • Sniper kills last doctor in besieged Syrian town story has photos
    Updated: Apr-08-16 3:09 am

    BEIRUT - Mohammed Khous was walking from the field hospital heading for his son's house nearby to rest between operations. He would never make it: a sniper's bullet to the head felled the 70-year-old in the street. With that, the Syrian town of Zabadani - under heavy siege by government forces and allied Hezbollah militia - lost its last doctor.

  • China restricts trade with North Korea over nuclear tests story has photos
    Updated: Apr-05-16 11:13 pm

    BEIJING - China has banned most imports of North Korean coal and iron ore, the country's main exports, in a significant increase in pressure on the North under U.N. sanctions against its nuclear and missile tests.