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  • new storyMore fights ahead on Planned Parenthood after Senate vote story has photos
    Updated: Aug-04-15 7:19 am

    WASHINGTON - In the aftermath of the Senate's derailing of Republican legislation halting federal dollars for Planned Parenthood, one thing seems clear: Many on both sides think they can ring up gains from the battle.

  • new storyState workers' suit against Duckworth spills into Senate bid story has photos
    Updated: Aug-04-15 7:13 am

    JONESBORO, Illinois - A civil lawsuit alleging ethics violations nearly a decade ago has become an issue in a Democratic congresswoman's bid to unseat first-term Republican U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk in what is expected to be one of the country's most competitive 2016 Senate races.

  • new storyCoast Guard: Tequesta teens' boat now also missing 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 7:10 am

    TEQUESTA, Florida - The boat two teens were on when they went missing off Florida's Atlantic coast is no longer where the Coast Guard found it.

  • new storyReport on deadly Annapolis-area mansion fire to be released 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 6:41 am

    ANNAPOLIS, Maryland - The final report on an Annapolis-area mansion fire that killed six people is scheduled to be released Wednesday morning.

  • Q&A: A look Obama's climate change plan and impact on states 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 3:32 am

    HELENA, Montana - President Barack Obama unveiled the final regulations in his plan that will cut carbon dioxide emissions nationwide 32 percent by 2030. Obama touted it as a bold step to slow climate change, while opponents said it was federal overreach that will raise prices for electricity consumers. Here's what you need to know about the impact of the new plan on the states:

  • OSHA launches investigation into Allentown's Dorney Park 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 3:17 am

    ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania - The U.S. Labor Department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched an investigation into Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom after an employee was hospitalized at the Allentown theme park in July.

  • News Guide: A look at the Iran nuclear deal and Congress 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 3:07 am

    WASHINGTON - Congress' vote on the international accord to curb Iran's nuclear program in exchange for billions of dollars in sanction relief stands as the most significant national security decision since lawmakers voted in 2002 to authorize the invasion of Iraq.

  • FBI, Newport News Police plan outreach event 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 3:02 am

    NEWPORT NEWS, Virginia - The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Norfolk has announced a community outreach event aimed at promoting cultural awareness and mutual respect.

  • Kerry pushes Asia trade pact in Singapore story has photos
    Updated: Aug-04-15 2:37 am

    SINGAPORE - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called Tuesday for countries negotiating a major Pacific Rim trade deal to overcome differences that have stalled its conclusion.

  • GOP hopefuls take on illegal immigration in debate preview story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Aug-03-15 11:07 pm

    MANCHESTER, New Hampshire - The Republican Party's presidential class demanded aggressive steps to curb illegal immigration, seizing on a delicate political issue while facing off in New Hampshire on Monday night during a crowded and pointed preview of the 2016 primary season's first full-fledged debate.

  • Ex-Senate candidate: Board has ended probe of Facebook posts 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 10:19 pm

    TOPEKA, Kansas - A Kansas radiologist who lost a hard-fought primary battle to Republican Sen. Pat Roberts said Monday that the state's medical board has dropped an investigation into whether he violated patient privacy by posting X-ray images of severe medical injuries on Facebook.

  • Coast Guard: Less than 1K gallons of oil spilled in NJ 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 10:14 pm

    NEW YORK - Coast Guard officials say they think less than 1,000 gallons of spilled oil entered the water of northern New Jersey after a tugboat struck a fuel terminal pier.

  • Ex-Senate candidate: Board has ended probe of Facebook posts 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 10:04 pm

    TOPEKA, Kansas - A Kansas radiologist who lost a hard-fought primary battle to Republican Sen. Pat Roberts says the state's medical board has dropped an investigation into whether he violated patient privacy by posting X-ray images of severe medical injuries.

  • EPA smokestack rules unwelcome, unneeded say leaders in NC 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 9:49 pm

    RALEIGH, North Carolina - Stricter carbon dioxide limits on power plants issued Monday have lawmakers in North Carolina, a state that started cutting smokestack pollution more than a decade ago, gearing up to fight the Obama administration over balancing pollution versus cost.

  • Feds charge 3 men accused of prepping for martial law 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 9:44 pm

    RALEIGH, North Carolina - Three North Carolina men fearing a government takeover and martial law stockpiled weapons, ammunition and tactical gear while attempting to rig home-made explosives, according to charges announced by the Justice Department on Monday.

  • Phoenix residents want court to review FAA flight paths 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 8:37 pm

    PHOENIX - Phoenix homeowners who say flight paths are plaguing neighborhoods with noise and don't appear to be going away want a federal appeals court to step in.

  • Hassan, Shaheen blame GOP for underfunding drug programs 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 8:31 pm

    LACONIA, New Hampshire - Gov. Maggie Hassan and U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen called Monday for a bipartisan effort to combat the growing problem of heroin and opiate abuse, then criticized Republicans in Concord and Washington for what the two Democrats said was a failure to adequately fund drug treatment programs.

  • Rounds and Thune criticize carbon emission reduction plan 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 8:08 pm

    PIERRE, South Dakota - South Dakota's two Republican U.S. senators are criticizing the Obama administration's plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants because they say it will hurt jobs and increase electricity rates.

  • Prosecutor: Police officers unlawfully opened fire in death story has photos
    Updated: Aug-03-15 8:02 pm

    ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico - A "paramilitary response" by police in New Mexico unnecessarily escalated an encounter last year that ended when two officers unlawfully opened fire and killed a homeless man despite signs that he wanted to surrender, a special prosecutor said Monday.

  • Ex-broadcaster Craig James sues Fox Sports over firing 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 8:02 pm

    DALLAS - Former college football television analyst Craig James on Monday filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against Fox Sports that contends he was fired because he had expressed opposition to gay marriage during a failed run for the U.S. Senate.

  • Use of batboys and girls suspended after 9-year-old's death story has photos
    Updated: Aug-03-15 7:43 pm

    KANSAS CITY, Missouri - The National Baseball Congress suspended using batboys and girls during its World Series games in Kansas following the death of a 9-year-old boy who was accidentally hit in the head with a bat during a game.

  • Pence says he will fight new EPA emissions rules in court 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 7:38 pm

    INDIANAPOLIS - Republican Gov. Mike Pence vowed Monday to "vigorously" fight President Barack Obama's recently finalized plan to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants across the U.S. over the next fifteen years.

  • West Virginia faces more stringent goals in final power plan 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 7:37 pm

    CHARLESTON, West Virginia - President Barack Obama released a plan Monday requiring West Virginia to take deeper cuts into their emissions from power plants than the administration originally proposed.

  • Texas faces less stringent goals in final clean power plan 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 7:33 pm

    DALLAS - Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton vowed Monday to sue the Obama administration over a federal plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, even though the state faces a less-stringent mandate under a final version of the plan than was originally proposed.

  • Head of US Capitol Police to step down in January 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 7:15 pm

    WASHINGTON - The chief of the U.S. Capitol Police is planning to retire in January.