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Stories with organization: European Union
  • new storyMultiple crises challenge European Union ahead of summit 
    Updated: Feb-14-16 7:31 am

    LONDON - NATO warships are steaming toward the Aegean Sea in an escalated bid to impose order on the chaotic arrival of more than 1 million migrants, which has not abated despite the wintry weather in southern Europe.

  • new storyKerry in Albania to press reform story has photos
    Updated: Feb-14-16 6:46 am

    TIRANA, Albania - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry pushed Albania on Sunday to enact a major package of judicial and legislative reforms.

  • In southern Europe, an astute negotiator unpicks austerity story has photos
    Updated: Feb-12-16 12:16 pm

    LISBON, Portugal - He doesn't boast about being an expert deal-maker like Donald Trump, but new Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa is quietly building a reputation as a canny negotiator and a government leader to watch in southern Europe by doing what many people thought was impossible.

  • EU is poised to restrict passport-free travel story has photos
    Updated: Feb-12-16 10:28 am

    BRUSSELS - European Union countries are poised to restrict passport-free travel by invoking an emergency rule to keep some border controls for two more years because of the migration crisis and Greece's troubles in controlling its border, according to EU documents seen by The Associated Press.

  • Eurozone economy ends 2015 with whimper as dark clouds grow story has photos
    Updated: Feb-12-16 8:04 am

    LONDON - The 19-country eurozone is in its longest stretch of economic expansion since the global financial crisis in 2008 but growth remains paltry despite a series of tail winds and is susceptible to a reverse if the worst fears in financial markets come to fruition.

  • Portugal's PM vows to press ahead with anti-austerity plans 
    Updated: Feb-12-16 8:02 am

    LISBON, Portugal - The Portuguese prime minister says he has taken note of European Union concerns about his debt-heavy country's spending plans but is determined to make his anti-austerity program work.

  • France calls on EU to fight financing of extremist groups 
    Updated: Feb-12-16 6:45 am

    BRUSSELS - French Finance Minister Michel Sapin has urged the European Union to quickly put into effect measures aimed at curbing the financing of extremist groups.

  • French govt reshuffle makes Ayrault the new foreign minister story has photos
    Updated: Feb-11-16 3:51 pm

    PARIS - Former Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, a low-key veteran of the Socialist Party much acquainted with German culture, will become France's new foreign minister.

  • Portugal's fellow euro states keep wary eye on its budget story has photos
    Updated: Feb-11-16 3:42 pm

    BRUSSELS - Portugal's fellow states in the 19-nation eurozone are keeping a wary eye on its new government's plans to roll back budget austerity measures, with the bloc's top executive and Germany both warning the country not to miss deficit targets.

  • NATO orders warships into Aegean to help ease migrant crisis story has photos
    Updated: Feb-11-16 3:21 pm

    BRUSSELS - In a dramatic response to Europe's gravest refugee crisis since World War II, NATO ordered three warships to sail immediately Thursday to the Aegean Sea to help end the deadly smuggling of asylum-seekers across the waters from Turkey to Greece.

  • Questions grow over banks as profit warnings pile up story has photos
    Updated: Feb-11-16 2:44 pm

    PARIS - Questions are growing over the financial health of banks, particularly in Europe and the U.S., as they face a toxic mix of low economic growth, bad loans and squeezed earnings.

  • Cyprus president: peace talks headway on governance, economy 
    Updated: Feb-11-16 2:26 pm

    NICOSIA, Cyprus - Peace talks aimed at reunifying ethnically split Cyprus have made significant progress on how power will be shared with breakaway Turkish Cypriots and how the economy will function under a federation, the country's president said Thursday.

  • EU and Britain have big differences over 'ever closer union' story has photos
    Updated: Feb-10-16 2:24 pm

    LONDON - For Britain and the European Union, they are three little words that expose big philosophical differences: "Ever closer union."

  • NATO, EU sign agreement on cyberdefense cooperation 
    Updated: Feb-10-16 10:17 am

    BRUSSELS - NATO and the European Union have signed an agreement to improve cooperation in cyberdefense, which NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called a concrete example of the two Brussels-based organizations joining forces to counter modern forms of hybrid warfare.

  • Staples gets EU approval for acquisition of Office Depot story has photos
    Updated: Feb-10-16 8:12 am

    NEW YORK - Staples has received European approval for its buyout of Office Depot and in exchange, it said Wednesday that it would split off some operations in Europe to allay monopoly fears.

  • 6 founding EU nations commit to the original unity goals 
    Updated: Feb-09-16 5:54 pm

    BRUSSELS - The six founding nations of the European Union on Tuesday stressed their commitment to seek an "ever closer union" ahead of next week's summit where Britain is expected to seek a new agreement to help convince a skeptical public to remain part of the EU.

  • How to fix the euro: Top bankers urge closer ties 
    Updated: Feb-08-16 8:44 am

    FRANKFURT, Germany - The top central bankers from France and Germany are joining in an appeal to fix longstanding flaws in the euro currency by more closely integrating their economies and putting more authority over financial policies at the European level.

  • Divisive Polish party leader Kaczynski pulls the strings story has photos
    Updated: Feb-07-16 8:37 am

    WARSAW, Poland - When Hungary's prime minister had a secret five-hour meeting in a secluded mountain resort with the most powerful person in Poland, he didn't convene with his counterpart or the Polish president.

  • Former top Thatcher adviser says she would back deal with EU 
    Updated: Feb-07-16 8:12 am

    LONDON - A former top adviser says the late Margaret Thatcher would have supported the proposed deal outlined this week to keep Britain inside the 28-nation European Union.

  • Anti-austerity Portuguese government gets EU's OK for budget story has photos
    Updated: Feb-05-16 1:09 pm

    LISBON, Portugal - In a tug of war over budgets, the European Commission approved Portugal's so-called anti-austerity spending plan on Friday, but only after extracting a promise for almost $1 billion in additional cost cuts.

  • Italian banks hit by concerns over bad loans 
    Updated: Feb-05-16 12:31 pm

    MILAN - Italian banking shares are getting battered this year as the government tries to bundle and dispose of billions of euros in bad loans while attempting to reform and consolidate the ailing sector.

  • Poland says it wins protection for Poles in British EU deal story has photos
    Updated: Feb-05-16 11:44 am

    WARSAW, Poland - British Prime Minister David Cameron found support Friday for a renegotiated deal with the European Union from Poland and Denmark, marking a positive start to a two-week tour of European capitals aimed at winning over European partners to his plans for a looser union with the bloc.

  • NATO chief meets EU defense ministers to discuss cooperation story has photos
    Updated: Feb-05-16 10:34 am

    AMSTERDAM - European Union defense ministers huddled Friday with NATO's secretary general to discuss closer cooperation between the military alliance and the 28-nation bloc to tackle looming threats to the region.

  • Protests, EU demands add pressure on Greece's Tsipras story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Feb-04-16 3:51 pm

    ATHENS, Greece - Tens of thousands joined anti-government protests across Greece Thursday as the country was crippled by a general strike against painful pension reforms demanded by bailout lenders.

  • Poland reopens probe into 2010 crash that killed president story has photos
    Updated: Feb-04-16 12:22 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Poland's government opened a new investigation Thursday into the 2010 plane crash in Russia that killed President Lech Kaczynski, with the defense minister saying that evidence pointing to Russian involvement was covered up in an earlier probe.