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Stories with organization: Al-Qaida
  • US declares Aleppo cease-fire, Syria says only for 48 hours story has photos
    Updated: May-04-16 5:17 pm

    DAMASCUS, Syria - Sporadic violence persisted in Aleppo on Wednesday as U.S. officials announced an agreement had been reached with Russia to extend Syria's fragile cease-fire to the deeply contested northern city. The Syrian military said the truce would last only 48 hours.

  • US announces extension of Syria truce to Aleppo story has photos
    Updated: May-04-16 4:16 pm

    WASHINGTON - The United States and Russia have persuaded Syria's government and moderate rebels to extend the country's fragile truce to the northern city of Aleppo, the State Department said Wednesday, although sporadic clashes continue.

  • The Latest: UN: Bombing of Aleppo among worst of Syrian war story has photos
    Updated: May-04-16 3:08 pm

    DAMASCUS, Syria - The Latest on Syria's civil war (all times local):

  • Kenya: Police disrupt alleged plot by extremist medics 
    Updated: May-03-16 3:03 pm

    NAIROBI, Kenya - Kenyan police have disrupted a cell of extremist medics linked to the Islamic State group suspected of plotting a biological attack on Kenya and recruiting university students to join the group in Libya and Syria, Kenya's police chief said Tuesday

  • Singapore detains 8 Bangladeshis suspected of IS group links 
    Updated: May-03-16 10:46 am

    SINGAPORE - Singapore has detained eight Bangladeshi workers on suspicion of planning attacks linked to the Islamic State group in their home country, authorities said Tuesday

  • After hostage beheading, is Philippines facing IS threat? story has photos
    Updated: Apr-28-16 9:11 am

    MANILA, Philippines - Months before Abu Sayyaf militants beheaded retired Canadian mining executive John Ridsdel in the tropical jungles of the southern Philippines, they showed him pleading for life in a video with three other hostages that demanded a record-high ransom.

  • Al-Qaida says it killed Bangladesh gay activist, friend story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Apr-26-16 3:06 pm

    NEW DELHI - The Bangladeshi branch of al-Qaida claimed responsibility Tuesday for the killing of a gay rights activist and his friend, undermining the prime minister's insistence just hours earlier that her political opponents were to blame for the attack and for a rising tide of violence against secular activists and writers.

  • Judge won't dismiss lawsuit on harsh CIA interrogation 
    Updated: Apr-22-16 5:35 pm

    SPOKANE, Washington - A federal judge on Friday said he won't dismiss a lawsuit against two Washington state psychologists who helped design the CIA's harsh interrogation techniques in the war on terror. The decision means a continuation of the closely watched case that will likely include secret information.

  • Extremists kidnap Int'l Red Cross staff in north Mali 
    Updated: Apr-21-16 1:29 pm

    BAMAKO, Mali - An Islamic extremist group connected to al-Qaida's North Africa branch has claimed responsibility for kidnapping three International Committee of the Red Cross staffers, said a Tuareg separatist who is in contact with the group.

  • Dutch intelligence agency warns of violent extremists threat 
    Updated: Apr-21-16 9:04 am

    THE HAGUE, Netherlands - A Dutch intelligence agency has warned that the Netherlands faces a complex threat from violent extremists returning from Syria, those prevented from travelling to fight overseas, and people radicalized by Jihadi propaganda who may want to carry out attacks at home.

  • Cables tie Pakistan to 2009 hit on CIA; official says not so story has photos
    Updated: Apr-14-16 2:22 pm

    WASHINGTON - Recently declassified U.S. government cables suggest Pakistan's intelligence service paid a U.S.-designated terrorist organization $200,000 to carry out one of the deadliest attacks against the CIA in the spy agency's history.

  • Guantanamo review board rejects release for oldest prisoner 
    Updated: Apr-14-16 12:28 pm

    MIAMI - A U.S. government review board has decided that the oldest prisoner at Guantanamo is not eligible for release.

  • Garland a court moderate who would frustrate both sides 
    Updated: Apr-11-16 3:43 am

    President Barack Obama's nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, Merrick Garland, has been characterized as a moderate who, if confirmed, would nudge his divided colleagues slightly to the left because he would replace conservative stalwart Antonin Scalia.

  • Bangladesh al-Qaida claims responsibility for student death story has photos
    Updated: Apr-09-16 4:46 am

    NEW DELHI - A banned Islamist group in Bangladesh tied to the al-Qaida in the Indian Subcontinent has claimed responsibility for the killing of a student opponent of radical Islam.

  • Spokesman says Saudi-led force will commit to Yemen truce 
    Updated: Apr-08-16 3:31 pm

    CAIRO - The Saudi-led coalition behind a year-long military campaign against Yemen's Shiite rebels is ready to commit to a cease-fire as long as the rebels abide by a U.N. Security Council resolution that calls for their pullout from Yemeni cities, the alliance's spokesman said Friday.