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Stories with organization: California State Legislature
  • Key committee fails to take up California minimum wage bill 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 8:40 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - Lawmakers declined Thursday to take up a bill that would raise California's minimum wage and tie future increases to inflation, likely stalling the effort for this year.

  • California Senate advances vaping, smoking regulation bills 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 7:04 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - Democratic lawmakers advanced a package of tobacco regulation bills on Thursday, reviving proposals that earlier stalled in the Legislature amid opposition from tobacco companies.

  • California Assembly OKs ending use of bullhooks on elephants 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 6:41 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - The California state Assembly has passed a bill to ban the use of bullhooks to guide and discipline elephants.

  • California lawmakers approve equal pay protections for women 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 6:12 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - California's state Assembly on Thursday approved legislation aimed at closing the wage gap between women and men through what proponents describe as the strongest equal pay protection in the nation.

  • Judge won't toss charges in Chinatown racketeering case story has photos
    Updated: Aug-27-15 4:00 pm

    SAN FRANCISCO - A federal judge refused Thursday to throw out a racketeering case against a man arrested in a money laundering and corruption probe centered in San Francisco's Chinatown that also led to charges against a California state senator.

  • Bill would raise California cigarette tax by $2 per pack 
    Updated: Aug-26-15 9:49 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - A bill to raise California's cigarette tax by $2 per pack was introduced Wednesday in the state Senate, a hike that supporters say would curb smoking deaths and critics argue would place an unnecessary burden on consumers and small businesses.

  • Bill requires prosecution of transferred immigrants 
    Updated: Aug-26-15 9:07 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - Seeking to prevent another tragedy like the July killing of a woman on a San Francisco pier, Republican state lawmakers on Wednesday proposed legislation that would prevent California cities from accepting federal transfers of immigrant prisoners unless local prosecutors commit to pursuing felony charges.

  • California could ban smokeless tobacco in pro baseball 
    Updated: Aug-24-15 9:22 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - California lawmakers are voting to ban a once-common practice in Major League Baseball, the use of chewing tobacco.

  • California lawmakers approve drone trespassing crime bills 
    Updated: Aug-24-15 9:07 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - California lawmakers advanced legislation Monday seeking to rein in the use of privacy-invading drones, passing one bill to prevent the use of drones by paparazzi and another making it a trespassing violation to fly drones over private property without permission.

  • California weighs cheerleading as official high school sport 
    Updated: Aug-24-15 8:29 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - California lawmakers are sending Gov. Jerry Brown a bill that would recognize competitive cheerleading as a high school sport.

  • Likely legalization vote prompts action on medical marijuana 
    Updated: Aug-24-15 6:42 pm

    SAN FRANCISCO - The likelihood that California voters will be asked to legalize recreational marijuana next year is prompting lawmakers to make a serious run at reining in the state's vast medical marijuana industry - a job they have deferred for nearly two decades.

  • Lawmakers hail California men for actions on European train 
    Updated: Aug-24-15 6:26 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - California lawmakers are praising three men raised in Sacramento for their swift action to thwart a gunman aboard a high-speed train in Europe.

  • Lawmakers reject bill to develop local body camera policies 
    Updated: Aug-24-15 5:38 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - California lawmakers have rejected a bill to require law enforcement agencies to develop policies on body cameras as Democrats push for statewide regulation.

  • Correction: Spying TVs-California story story has photos
    Updated: Aug-21-15 7:25 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - In a story Aug. 20 about legislation to warn consumers about recording TVs, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Samsung changed its policy on recording conversations. The company changed its manuals to reflect that its smart TVs do not record or store conversations. AP also erroneously reported that Samsung supports the legislation by Assemblyman Mike Gatto, AB1116. The company has not taken a public position on the bill.

  • California lawmakers OK exit-exam reprieve affecting 5,000 
    Updated: Aug-20-15 7:10 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - About 5,000 high school students who couldn't graduate this year because the state canceled a required exit exam would receive a reprieve under legislation advanced Thursday.

  • Community colleges could require sexual assault disclosures 
    Updated: Aug-20-15 4:02 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - The California Senate has approved legislation requiring community college applicants to disclose if they've been previously expelled for sexual assault.

  • Correction: Right to Die-California story 
    Updated: Aug-19-15 3:52 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - In a story Aug. 18 about the reintroduction of right-to-die legislation in California, The Associated Press erroneously reported a comment by Debbie Ziegler, whose daughter moved from California to Oregon to legally take her own life. She said "What right does anyone of a specific religious faith have to demand I behave in concordance with their faith as I face my eminent death?"

  • California Senate approves bill reacting to anti-gay plan 
    Updated: Aug-17-15 8:34 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - The California Senate on Monday approved a bill that seeks to discourage frivolous ballot questions by raising filing costs, following a measure advocating the slayings of gay and lesbian people.

  • Brown OKs bill protecting California grocery workers 
    Updated: Aug-17-15 8:19 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation to protect California grocery store workers from being fired for 90 days after a store changes ownership.

  • California Assembly urges states to remove Confederate flag 
    Updated: Aug-17-15 7:29 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - California lawmakers of both parties are calling for a ban on Confederate flags displayed on federal property and state capitols.

  • California criminalizes hurting volunteer police animals 
    Updated: Aug-13-15 4:26 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - California laws that punish people who injure police horses and dogs in the line of duty now extend to volunteer law enforcement animals.

  • California governor signs 2 bills tied to police misconduct 
    Updated: Aug-11-15 6:36 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - Gov. Jerry Brown has signed two bills relating to police misconduct in California as debates about the use of excessive force by officers continue across the country.

  • California governor signs bill removing 'alien' from law 
    Updated: Aug-10-15 6:57 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - Gov. Jerry Brown announced Monday that he signed a bill to remove the term "alien" from the California labor code to describe foreign-born workers.

  • California Assembly settles unpaid work lawsuit for $110,000 
    Updated: Aug-07-15 9:04 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - The California Assembly has agreed to pay $110,000 to a former legislative staffer who alleged sexual harassment by a former state lawmaker and unpaid wages, according to a settlement it released Friday.

  • Brown boosts penalty for homemade drug makers in California 
    Updated: Aug-07-15 4:54 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill increasing the penalties for manufacturing hash oil or methamphetamine in residential California neighborhoods.