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Stories with organization: China government
  • new storyObama: China 'putting out feelers' about joining trade pact story has photos
    Updated: Jun-03-15 7:31 pm

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama said China has made inquiries about potentially joining a Trans-Pacific trade agreement in the future, introducing a new variable to an unfolding debate in Congress over granting him the power to negotiate such international deals.

  • Taiwan president candidate seeks stable relations with China story has photos
    Updated: Jun-03-15 6:00 pm

    WASHINGTON - Taiwan's opposition presidential candidate said that if she comes to power in January elections, her government would have a responsibility to contribute to peace and stability in relations with mainland China.

  • In Tokyo, Philippine leader criticizes China over sea moves story has photos
    Updated: Jun-03-15 1:29 pm

    TOKYO - On his sixth visit to Japan in five years, Philippine President Benigno Aquino III on Wednesday criticized China's assertiveness in regional seas, a concern shared by both countries as they deepen their ties.

  • China to hold military drills along volatile Myanmar border 
    Updated: Jun-01-15 2:19 am

    BEIJING - China's military will hold live-firing exercises this week along its volatile border with Myanmar near where Chinese civilians were killed by stray bombs from fighting between rebels and Myanmar's government.

  • Impasse over China's island-building shows no sign of easing 
    Updated: May-30-15 9:53 am

    SINGAPORE - China vigorously defended its South China Sea land reclamation projects in the face of persistent criticism from U.S. leaders at an international security summit Saturday as the standoff in the Asia-Pacific region shows few signs of abating.

  • Japan, EU agree to step up defense, economic ties story has photos
    Updated: May-29-15 9:08 am

    TOKYO - Japanese and European leaders agreed Friday to step up defense and economic ties, and expressed concern about rising tensions in the South China Sea.

  • China's army plays down South China Sea island-building story has photos
    Updated: May-26-15 2:49 pm

    BEIJING - China's military on Tuesday compared its controversial island-building in the South China Sea to ordinary construction such as road-building going on elsewhere in the country, trying to deflect criticism over an issue seen as inflaming tensions in the region.

  • Taiwan proposes plan to ease South China Sea tensions story has photos
    Updated: May-26-15 1:04 am

    TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou laid out a plan Tuesday to ease tensions in a vast, resource-rich Asian ocean where China has chafed against its neighbors by expanding islets with landfill to solidify its claims in the region.

  • Aquino: Philippines to fly usual routes over disputed reefs 
    Updated: May-25-15 6:25 am

    MANILA, Philippines - Philippine aircraft will continue to fly their usual routes over disputed reefs in the South China Sea, the country's president said Monday, defying China's challenges to its planes and those of the United States.

  • China contributing experts, troops to disaster relief drills 
    Updated: May-23-15 1:07 am

    BEIJING - China is contributing 600 personnel, including 49 from the military, to multinational disaster relief exercises in Malaysia, the first time it has taken part in such an effort, the Defense Ministry said Saturday.

  • Biden discusses Asia-Pacific region at Navy graduation story has photos
    Updated: May-22-15 1:16 pm

    ANNAPOLIS, Maryland - Vice President Joe Biden told graduates at the U.S. Naval Academy on Friday that U.S. foreign policy is rebalancing toward the Asia-Pacific region, and he said many of them will be stationed there "to keep the peace."

  • Coal, medicine, trains top Tokyo's Asia infrastructure plan 
    Updated: May-22-15 4:15 am

    TOKYO - Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's offer of $110 billion in fresh infrastructure financing for Asia is as much about Japan's agenda for selling its clean coal know-how and other technologies as it is about keeping up with China.

  • China, US assert rights after exchange over S China Sea story has photos
    Updated: May-21-15 7:58 pm

    BEIJING - China said Thursday it is entitled to keep watch over airspace and seas surrounding artificial islands it created in the disputed waters of the South China Sea, following an exchange in which its navy warned off a U.S. surveillance plane. The United States said its aerial patrolling was in accordance with international law and "no one in their right mind" would try to stop it.

  • Chinese PM starts South American investment tour story has photos
    Updated: May-19-15 3:07 pm

    BRASILIA, Brazil - China's Premier Li Keqiang and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff agreed on Tuesday to embark on studies for an ambitious railway linking Brazil's Atlantic coast with a Pacific port in Peru, and announced billions in other investments and trade deals.

  • Neither China nor US giving ground over projects dispute story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-17-15 4:37 am

    BEIJING - China and the United States are budging not a bit over Beijing's assertive development in disputed parts of the South China Sea, with Chinese officials politely but pointedly dismissing Washington's push for U.S.-proposed ways to ease tensions.

  • India's Modi says progress made with China on thorny issues story has photos
    Updated: May-15-15 6:21 am

    BEIJING - On his first visit to China as India's prime minister, Narendra Modi said Friday that two days of talks yielded progress on issues ranging from a yawning trade imbalance to their continuing border dispute.

  • Kerry off to China, SKorea with security, trade agenda 
    Updated: May-14-15 5:28 pm

    WASHINGTON - Secretary of State John Kerry is heading to China and South Korea for a weekend of meetings that will focus on security concerns and trade.

  • India's Modi meets Xi on China visit amid warming ties story has photos
    Updated: May-14-15 7:04 am

    XI'AN, China - President Xi Jinping praised China's warming ties with India during a meeting Thursday between the leaders of Asia's rising powers and rivals, which included a rare touch of personal diplomacy for a Chinese leader.

  • China, India have many rivalries, some areas of cooperation 
    Updated: May-14-15 2:25 am

    BEIJING - India's prime minister is visiting China this week to build friendship between the two Asian giants despite a long history of disputes and rivalries, along with some areas of cooperation, especially in the economic sphere.

  • Rights group: China police use torture despite legal reforms 
    Updated: May-13-15 6:08 am

    BEIJING - Police abuse of criminal suspects to extract confessions in China is a serious problem despite measures to reform the legal system, such as moves to exclude evidence obtained through torture, Human Rights Watch said in a report Wednesday.

  • US concerned China behind cyberattack on US sites 
    Updated: May-08-15 8:10 pm

    WASHINGTON - The United States voiced concern Friday over a report that China manipulated international Internet traffic intended for a major Chinese Web service company and used it for a cyberattack on U.S. sites.

  • US official: China island building now totals 2,000 acres 
    Updated: May-08-15 5:01 pm

    WASHINGTON - China's rapidly expanding campaign to construct artificial islands, potentially for military use or airstrips, now totals about 2,000 acres and could far outstrip that amount as the year goes on, a senior defense official said Friday.

  • Russia, China sign raft of economic deals, including loans story has photos
    Updated: May-08-15 2:49 pm

    MOSCOW - Russian and Chinese leaders on Friday signed a plethora of deals in Moscow, including billions in infrastructure loans for Russia.

  • South China Sea watch: New islands rising, ASEAN worried story has photos
    Updated: May-07-15 5:52 am

    The dispute over the strategic waterways of the South China Sea has intensified, pitting a rising China against its smaller and militarily weaker neighbors who all lay claim to a string of isles, coral reefs and lagoons known as the Spratly and the Paracel islands. Only about 45 of them are occupied. The area is the third-busiest global shipping lane, rich in fish and potentially gas and oil reserves, but has emerged as a possible flashpoint involving world powers and regional claimants.

  • In China, Taiwan party leader calls for more global access story has photos
    Updated: May-04-15 1:40 pm

    BEIJING - The head of Taiwan's ruling Nationalist Party called for more chances for the island to participate in international organizations after a meeting Monday with Chinese President Xi Jinping, whose government views the territory as a renegade province.