Hearts & Darts – April 16


For many years Rosemary Heidelberger has selflessly ensured that the White River Township Fire Department Station 51 crews located on Olive Branch Road in Greenwood have benefited from her superior baking skills. She and her husband Dick routinely bring the firefighters baked goods which are quickly consumed. All the firefighters assigned to Station 51 are very thankful for her kindness which she continues to show us.

Capt. Casey Arkins and the White River Township Fire Department Station 51 A. Shift

Thank you to Judy Bell for putting together bags for the Northwood Elementary Girls on the Run group to commemorate this year. Thank you to sheriff candidate Duane Burgess for your generosity in helping fund the bags and supporting the empowerment of young ladies in the community and a thank you to Franklin Police Officer Jason Hyneman.

Kayla Mettura



Darts to the person who took my elderly mother-in-law’s wallet at Kroger, thanks for turning it in. Appreciate it, even though you helped yourself to the $100 she had in the wallet. Evidently you need the money more than her. You will answer to this one day. God bless you.

Shirley Frazier