Letter: Letter: James Brown

To the editor:

I have a couple of questions to which I do not have the answers. Maybe some of your readers have the answers.

We are worried about Social Security going broke. I know that Congress has reached into it many times to use the money somewhere else, and we have more people than ever collecting the benefits. Also, there is much abuse. So here is my first question. How much of our total tax money goes to undocumented citizens? This is money that is taken from American citizens to pay for their lawyers, housing, medical care, jail time, deportation, babies, transportation, education, border control, ICE, gang violence, drug culture, rehab, etc. We can’t expect to save Social Security if we won’t close this rat hole.

My second question is how can we solve all the above problems including Social Security without building a wall between us and Mexico? In 1981 I went to Israel, and it was not a gun-free zone. The gangster (Yasser) Arafat, who stole all the money we sent to the so-called Palestinians, convinced young men and women to strap on bombs and blow up people in Israel.

Israel’s entire border is only about 1/15 the length of our southern border, yet they made Israel safe again by building a great barrier — a wall — that is controlled by many methods. That is why we need a wall. We can’t expect to solve any of these problems if we won’t build a wall to protect our country.

James Brown