BILLINGS, Mont. — Twelve people including two this week have been shot and killed by law enforcement in Billings, Montana since May, 2012. The latest police shooting happened Tuesday, when a man was shot at least twice after police said he threatened the patrons of a casino with a weapon that turned out to be a pellet gun. A look each fatal shooting:

April 2018: A 44-year-old man is shot and killed after officials said he claimed to have taken hostages in Lucky Lil’s Casino and refused to drop a pellet gun that police said looked like a semi-automatic firearm. Investigation pending.


April 2018: Zachary Glen Hoven, 29, shot and killed by a Billings police officer after he allegedly advanced on officers with a knife and refused to drop the weapon. Investigation pending.


November 2017: Preston David Bell, 24, shot and killed after he led police on a chase that reached 60 miles per hour on residential streets and backed his vehicle into a police blockade. Investigation pending.

November 2017: Frank Joey Half Jr., 30, of Crow Agency shot and killed after barricading himself inside Big Bear Sports Center, prompting an hours-long standoff and multiple exchanges of gunfire between Half and police. Investigation pending.


May 2017: Ryan Lowell, 30, shot at least six times after approaching officers with a handgun and firing at least one shot following an hour-long standoff. Shooting ruled justified.


October 2016: Kyle Killough, 32, of Gillette, Wyoming is shot three times and killed by a Billings police officer in a hotel office after the armed suspect made threatening remarks and turned toward officers with the gun in his hand. Shooting ruled justified.

January 2015: John Barry Marshall, 48, shot 21 times and killed by six federal and local officers from a U.S. Marshals Service violent offender’s task force. Marshall was armed and wanted for a recent burglary when he encountered the officers outside a Billings hospital. Shooting ruled justified.

April 2014: Richard Ramirez, 38, shot three times and killed by the same Billings police officer who killed a man in 2013. Officer Grant Morrison later testified he feared for his life when Ramirez reached for his waistband during a traffic stop in a high-crime area of the city. Shooting ruled justified.

July 2013: Dean Randolph Jess, 42 shot four times and killed by a Yellowstone County Sheriff’s sergeant days after escaping from Montana State Prison. Jess was in a stolen jeep and had a handgun in the vehicle. Shooting ruled justified.

February 2013: Jason James Shaw, 32, shot once and killed by Billings police officer Morrison, who said Shaw reached toward his waistband for what turned out to be a BB-gun. Shooting ruled justified.

January 2013: Daniel Brawley, 29, shot and killed by a Billings police officer. Brawley had been taken into custody following an hours-long standoff, freed himself from his handcuffs and started to drive away in a patrol car. An officer fired nine times, hitting Brawley once. Shooting ruled justified.

May 2012: Michael Brandon, 29, shot three times and killed by a Billings police officer in a motel hallway. An inquest determined Brandon was high on methamphetamine and engaged in a running gun battle with officers trying to arrest him for violating his probation. Shooting ruled justified.