LAS VEGAS — The person tasked with enforcing a Nevada law intended as a crackdown on fraudulent attorneys has a growing caseload with about 100 active investigations.

KLAS-TV reports that compliance investigator Irene Jimenez-Muir with the Secretary of State’s office looks into the fraudulent practice of law by so-called notarios.

Notario is a Spanish word that translates to notary, but the definition can cause confusion as the role of a notary public is different outside the U.S.

The Nevada Attorney General’s office warned the public last month about notario scams that often target “unsuspecting individuals looking for immigration assistance or other legal issues.”

Jimenez-Muir says her investigations can result in warnings, civil penalties or criminal cases. She says a lot of her cases end up being referred to the attorney general’s office.

Information from: KLAS-TV,