Letter: Letter: Kevin Makice

To the editor:

Only two percent of the population has run for elected office. Of those who do, women account for just 25 percent of those campaigns.

2018 is different. Already, 259 women have filed for candidacy this year, a number that could reach 700 competing in 419 races for federal and statewide executive offices.

One of those women resides in Indiana’s 9th District.

Liz Watson is a hard-working advocate for family and labor, reflected in her long list of union endorsements. As a fifth-generation Hoosier she already knows the challenges we face here every day, but Liz continues to listen through town halls held all around southern Indiana.

Like many of her peers, this is Liz’s first campaign. However, she comes to the task with a reassuring amount of experience working with members of Congress, from McCloskey to Warren and Sanders. A Georgetown-educated lawyer, Liz advocates for mothers and low-wage workers struggling to balance employment with obligations to raise and care for their families.

Equality is never organic. To realize our American Dream, we have to look with intention for the voices that are missing and amplify them.

Please look deeply at congressional candidate Liz Watson, and support her with your vote.

Kevin Makice