ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An Alaska State Trooper continues to be hospitalized for injuries he received at the hands of a man who was later fatally shot.

Forty-two-year-old Nikolai Yakunin was killed Saturday night in the village of Nikolaevsk (NIK-oh-livsk) on the Kenai Peninsula by at least one other trooper.

The injured trooper’s name has not been released.

Troopers on Saturday afternoon took a call that Yakunin had contacted a woman in violation of his felony probation conditions.

Troopers just after 7 p.m. contacted Yakunin at a home.

Troopers say Yakunin attacked and seriously injured the first responding trooper.

Another trooper responded and shot Yakunin after witnessing continued “assaultive behavior.”

Troopers have released little information about the shooting.

Nikolaevsk is east of Anchor Point.