BISMARCK, N.D. — A new shelter for the homeless being proposed in Bismarck could also include a detox center.

A subcommittee of the Mayors’ Gold Star Community Task Force is working on a permanent homeless shelter plan after Ruth Meiers Hospitality House closed its men’s emergency shelter in October.

Bismarck City Commissioner Nancy Guy updated the task force on the committee’s efforts on Tuesday, the Bismarck Tribune reported . Guy said the committee is looking into location and agency options, as well as best practices. She said the committee is also considering co-locating with a social detox center.

“There’s a lot more to it than just a shelter,” Guy said. “There is connecting the clients to all of the solutions to get out of that homeless position and be successful members of our community and that deal with the issues that have gotten them where they are.”

Guy said the homeless shelter and social detox center could share resources and ensure “there’s a warm hand-off from one agency to the next,” for those people transitioning between services.

Guy also discussed efforts to gauge the faith community’s interest in banding together to provide homeless services.

The Missouri Slope Areawide United Way has filled the emergency shelter gap for the area since last fall. The agency opened a temporary shelter in a downtown apartment complex last week that is expected to be open until July.

“United Way is committed to sheltering there until July 1 or sheltering, period, until July 1,” Guy said. “It is our goal to have another agency in line to take over for them when that time frame is done.”

Community leaders will gather together for a stakeholders’ meeting to discuss shelter needs in April.

Information from: Bismarck Tribune,