Letter: $3 million in NRA donations, bias-free?

To the editor:

Senator Todd Young has accepted close to $3,000,000 in campaign funds from the NRA. Can we assume that the good senator is beholden to the gun lobby? Does bought and paid for sound about right? Can Senator Young really be expected to consider gun rights discussions and legislation fairly and without bias?

The depths to which some people are willing to sink to obtain and hold onto power never ceases to amaze me. Otherwise good people like Senator Young are willing to become pawns of special interest groups, all the while proclaiming that they represent the people who elected them. Such overt hypocrisy must surely rest uneasily with him and them.

Senator Young made much of the fact that he is a former marine in his campaign for the Senate. Of course, Marine Corps mantra holds that there is no such thing as a former Marine. “Once a Marine always a Marine.” Lt. Gen. A. A. Vandegrift spoke for many Marines when he said, “The bended knee is not a tradition of our Corps.” I ask you Senator Young, how does that square with your subservience to the NRA and the duplicity you live with every day?

Jim Curry