Letter: State Road 135 safety needs to be addressed

To the editor:

Safety on State Road 135 should never be an afterthought.

Lance Fischer and I have, for over 25 years, been advocating for improvements to reduce collisions and other accidents on the two-lane stretch of road that has seen too many fatalities and injuries.

We have been named in a lawsuit filed against INDOT by the family of a man who died in an accident on State Road 135 several years ago as a result of our advocacy. As I stated, under oath, “we have seen frequent attention to road maintenance. We have been visited by, families, police, reporters, photographers, and attorneys regarding what we have witnessed. Not once have we been visited, or contacted by anyone from INDOT regarding these tragedies to discuss what happened and what could or should be done to improve State Road 135 safety. There recently have been some incremental improvements made that help. They were long overdue.”

Regarding crosswalks, we have a major Johnson County school system at the intersection of State Road 135 and State Road 252. There are housing additions within walking distance for the students that attend. There is a McDonalds and a Dairy Queen, as well as other businesses across these roads from the school. THERE ARE ZERO CROSSWALKS!

Ed Fischer