Horse medication theft

Two people were arrested after police found horse medication that was stolen from a truck at an Edinburgh hotel in an apartment where they were staying.

Nicholas Porter, 32, Columbus, and Cheri D. Crossen, 24, Edinburgh, were both arrested on charges of theft, possession of methamphetamine and possession of a controlled substance.

A police officer found a backpack and clear plastic bottles with horse medication inside when he went to an Edinburgh apartment just before 10:30 a.m. Tuesday seeking a man who had a warrant, according to a report from the Edinburgh police department.

The backpack with the medication and a set of truck keys was reported stolen from a horse trainer staying at a hotel in Edinburgh, the report said. The man who reported the theft was concerned because a drop of the medication was likely to kill a human, according to the report.

Officers also found other items that were reported stolen from the same hotel, a pipe used to smoke marijuana, digital scales, powder and shards that tested positive for methamphetamine and the stolen truck keys, the report said.

Porter, 9074 Miami Ridge Drive, and Crossen, 404 S. Main St., are both being held at the Johnson County jail on $16,300 bond.

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