To the editor:

Where did you find this thin-skinned faux journalist Brian Howey (“‘Enemy of the people’ helps uncover lies,” Feb. 1)? He’s an op/ed commentator, at best, with a “Never Trumper” bent, nothing more.

Any journalist worth his salt, when quoting a known liberal newspaper, The Washington Post, “… a president … lies 2,000 times …” would give readers proof of this salacious claim. Until he does so, I’ll side with President Donald Trump, whose victories, on behalf of Americans who elected him to office, eclipse — in positive ways — anything and everything we endured during eight years of President Barack Obama’s socialist purgatory reign.

When it comes to reporting “alternative facts,” like those foisted by this civil revenge campaigner, let’s not forget this countering gem from The Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center at Harvard University, hardly a conservative organization, “… reported CNN and NBC were 93 percent negative on President Donald Trump during his first three months in office, while the two powerful newspapers (The New York Times and The Washington Post) were 85 percent negative.” Quoted from World magazine, July 22, 2017. To date, the secular press simply hasn’t reported anything positive about this administration. And except that I’ve penned that list of positive achievements to you before (i.e. letter to the editor, Dec. 28), I’d repeat them here again. They’re legion.

Why don’t you make it a point to prominently publish a list of Trump’s significant policy and legislative achievements during the past 12 months?

At least, please don’t continue to insult the intelligence and sensitivities of faithful Daily Journal readers (subscribers) with the tripe Brian Howey pens.

George Allen