Letter: Get facts straight before writing, read up on Trump

To the editor:

In response to the letter from Judith Coleman, (“Facts would help while criticizing Trump,” Feb. 5), I would ask her to “check her facts,” before she forms an opinion.

You have written your opinion of two columnists and labeled them as “loving and hating.” What do you mean? If someone agrees with a position that does not mean that they love the person who stated the opinion. The opposite is also true. Agreement with an opinion does not mean the opinion is true. It is only an opinion that you agree with. Opinion is not fact.

You have asked for facts. I suggest that you check the facts about the columnists you critique.

David Carlson of the Franklin College faculty is indeed an educated, conservative of the American Baptist Church. If you will pull up his profile on the internet, you will see that he has a bachelor of arts degree in political science, a master’s degree in Baptist theology and a PhD in theology. He works at a college sponsored by the Baptist Church and teaches philosophy and religion. Therefore, it would come naturally that his writing would be philosophical.

He is not teaching the Bible in his column. He is commenting on the intersection of religion, culture and politics. He is trying to get his readers to think on how these areas may compliment or contradict each other.

You say that you “cannot reconcile” a Democratic party platform of abortion with “Thou Shall Not Kill.” Do you agree with the Republican party position that the military needs funding immediately so we can make more effective nuclear weapons so we can kill off the world if they challenge us? Could this position be one that increases the profits of companies that make and sell weapons?

The Democratic party has never had a platform of abortion — those are the words of opponents to their position of choice. Democrats do not all agree on abortion, but they take the position that unborn children do not automatically have rights. It is the right of the mother to decide if she wants to bring a child into this world. She must decide if she has the income, physical and mental ability to provide for the care and needs of the child.

With the current level of abuse and neglect reported in Indiana, I believe abortion is a better choice than life in this world. God will judge the parent. You do not have the right to inflict your religious belief on all the people. No law needs to be made on choice. It is personal.

I have not seen any Christian organizations or people “struck dead” by God for cheating. A number of evangelists have cheated people and have not been punished in this world by Him. America is supposed to be a country of freedom of religious beliefs. Laws representing only one religious view make it like the Taliban that forces its beliefs on all the people.

As for Dan Thomasson, he is a journalist for the “Washington Times.” If you check his past column subjects, he is critical of President Barack Obama. This fact should make you pay closer attention to his opinion about walls.

Perhaps you should listen to the governors of New Mexico and Arizona on national news. Both say they don’t want a wall across their borders because a wall will not stop drugs and people from crossing. Do you want the United States to become like the Soviet Union when it built a wall to keep East Germans from crossing the border to West Germany? Walls and fences do not work all the time. Ask any farmer if the livestock ever got out or a poacher ever got in.

If you are offended by the people who do not like President Trump, I encourage you to ready two books about  him. “Never Enough” by Michael D’Antonio and “Trump Revealed” by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher. These are biographies and illustrate the way Mr. Trump thinks and works. If you respect him after reading  these books, you have confirmed your opinions.

Karen Vaughn