Two Republicans are running to become the party’s nominee for Illinois governor. Here’s a look at the candidates, in the order they will appear on the March 20 primary ballot:

Name: Bruce Rauner

Hometown: Winnetka

Age: 61

Occupation: Governor of Illinois

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Dartmouth College; Master of Business Administration, Harvard University

Public offices held: Governor, 2015-present

Professional experience: Private-equity investor, philanthropist

Running mate: Evelyn Sanguinetti of Wheaton

Jeanne Ives:

Hometown: Wheaton

Age: 53

Occupation: State representative for Illinois House District 42

Education: Bachelor of Science in Economics, U.S. Military Academy

Public offices held: Wheaton City Council, 2010-2012; state representative, 2013-present

Professional experience: Tax preparation for individuals and small businesses

Running mate: Former state Rep. Rich Morthland of Cordova