Letter: Here are ideas to address challenges

To the editor:

Hello, I am one of the adorable deplorables outside of government who would like to have their voice heard on the subject of jobs, education and immigration. As a retired information technology professional and business process consultant, I would like to ask the following of those leading efforts to improve these key challenges facing today’s society.

1. Optimizing our workforce: While past efforts have primarily focused on bringing jobs to communities, I believe we should also explore the feasibility of deploying resources to the appropriate geographic areas in need of specific skills, such as bridge building which may require civil engineers, equipment operators, laborers, etc. Currently, I feel utilizing customized storage containers to house and support the necessary resources may be a viable option as we currently have standards, infrastructure and design expertise in place and they could be rapidly deployed by trucks, planes, rail and boats. Also, they could prove to be invaluable for disaster aid and recovery.

2. Education: Based on recent scientific/medical developments, I expect within the next decade that we will be able to directly upload information to our brains. Thus, like my pacemaker transmitting information to my heart, I could have a microchip in my brain that could accept information uploads such as Spanish, auto repair, multiplication tables and such. And while this could be a very slippery and dangerous slope, the capability will happen. Until we can utilize future educational developments, I think replacing our 100-plus-year-old school model needs immediate attention. As one who has taught adults and coached 6- to 18-year-olds, I have found setting honest expectations, defining responsibilities and building trust are essential to any endeavor.

3. Immigration: It goes without saying that given our declining birth rates, the labor force of the future will need to be heavily supplemented by resources beyond our borders. I would ask our political leaders to consider utilizing the IRS to tract, tax and coordinate immigrate/guest worker deployment/activities. I suggest the IRS, as I expect their work load to decline as tax reforms are enacted and they have the people skills and infrastructure to manage complex issues and implement regulatory processes and procedures.

Note: While I would enjoy meeting with other interested individuals/groups addressing these issues, I am NOT looking for a consulting job or lucrative contract, I am just tired of watching my tax dollars being wasted.

Let’s make all people the best they can be.

Terry L. Brock