Letter: Biased news channels fuel nation’s problems

To the editor:

The letter by Robert Robinson (“CNN misleading, degrading to viewer,” Feb. 21) was well said.

CNN was said to be the No. 1 news channel in the world a few years ago. Now with very little unbiased news it is, along with MSNBC, an opinion and hate channel with very little honest news. Why the deterioration? It is no wonder our country is in so much turmoil when CNN and MSNBC keep spewing out the far left demagoguery instead of reporting honest news.

The whole world is laughing at us and rightly so. I just read “Fire and Fury” about the Trump White House with almost every sentence derogatory to the president or anyone he has appointed. Our country is being torn apart with all the hatred being thrown at us. The military always taught me to know our enemies. Well I think we have found them.

Forrest Chambers

White River Township