Letter: Gun regulations need properly enforced

To the editor:

Another school shooting, another round of hysterical calls for more gun laws.

Let’s talk, we already have more than adequate gun regulations. As is the case with immigration, we don’t have adequate enforcement.

Secondly and most importantly wake up, look around realize that the problem is not a gun problem. It is a problem of our society accepting bad behavior as normal. It is a moral problem and it is a problem of parents not raising their children, If you raise children with our role models, without morals, without discipline then you and you alone are responsible for the outcome.

If you send your kids to school expecting the government to do these things for your you are a fool. Parents must be responsible for raising and educating their kids. If you don’t know how then look at how your grandparents did it.

Through the 70’s we did not have shootings in schools or other public places even though we did have lots of guns and very little regulation. The difference is in how people are being raised. The problem is with society, not law and not guns.

Conrad Seniour