March 1, 2018

We have breaking news this morning in the Center Grove and Greenwood  area.

A Greenwood police officer was hit by a car while directing traffic outside of Center Grove High School. Here’s what we know.

We will be monitoring his condition and the investigation all day.

Here’s what else is going on across the county and what we’re working on in the Daily Journal newsroom today:

Should Indiana’s handgun licensing system be changed?

An Indiana senate committee is meeting today to look at a proposed law that has gotten some initial traction with our state legislators. The proposal is to change a four-year handgun license to five years, outlines more of what police have to do when reviewing the license application and removes the fee for a lifetime license.

Hoosiers who want a lifetime permit pay a $125 state fee, plus fees paid to your local police or sheriff’s office for their review and processing of your application, plus paying a company to take your fingerprints.

Just how much are Hoosiers paying in total for their lifetime permits?

A fiscal analysis of the bill by the state’s Legislative Services Agency shows that Indiana’s general fund would lose out on an estimated $6.5 million annually.

Local police departments and sheriff’s offices would no longer be able to charge fees for processing lifetime licenses either, and across the state, those departments would lose about $4 million total per year.

Do the math on that – that means an estimated 52,000 Hoosiers each year are seeking their lifetime permits.

How many Johnson County residents have permits to carry guns? We are going to ask for some updated data, but here’s what we know from previous years:

  • In 2015, 17,459 Johnson County residents had gun permits. That means 16 percent of the county’s adult population, or one in every six adults, had a license to carry.
  • In 2013, 13,716 residents had gun permits.

On the job.

Before today’s rain drowned out any outside work, crews were patching potholes across the county. We’re working on a story about their progress.

Ready for some outdoor fun?

Mark your calendars – we are busy now planning our annual Daily Journal Street Party in downtown Franklin. We’ll have a band, beer and food trucks on Friday, July 13. Never been? You don’t want to miss it.

Here’s some photos from last year’s party:

The Daily Journal Street Party gets into full swing Friday evening as the band Toy Factory performs
The Daily Journal Street Party gets into full swing as the band Toy Factory performs
Toy Factory performs during the Daily Journal Street Party Friday evening
Toy Factory performs during the Daily Journal Street Party.

Meanwhile, the organization that plans other downtown Franklin festivals has hired a new director.

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