Center Grove club hosts puppet show for fundraiser

A puppet filled, face painting evening will help a Center Grove club go to state finals.

The Future Problem Solvers will be hosting a puppet show from 6 to 8 p.m. March 2 with Heidi Shackleford and the Melchior Marionettes.

There will be face painting, a make it-take it craft, and a snack provided for $5 in the high school cafeteria, 2717 S. Morgantown Road, Greenwood.

The Future Problem Solvers are a group of students who use their spare time to brainstorm answers to big problems in their community: local, state, and world. They are given a problem and have several steps they have to do in order to come up with a possible solution. They are graded on, among other things, how well they complete the process, as well as their final answer.

They will compete in the state finals this month.