Here’s what you need to know about what’s happening in your community today, and a look at what we are working on in the Daily Journal newsroom.

Lanes closing.

If you drive King Street (State Road 44) or Jefferson Street in Franklin, from the interstate to downtown, get ready to detour as soon as Thursday morning as portions of the road are closed. We’ve got you covered — click here –for directions on how to get around.


Students across the state are taking ISTEP this week. What are they telling you about how the testing is unfolding and how they manage their worry about the high-stakes test?

Sunday sales.

Gov. Eric Holcomb is signing into law the legislation to allow alcohol sales in Indiana on Sundays, and it goes into effect immediately. Local stores are telling us they will start a trial period of seeing how many customers are coming in as they decide what locations to open and how to staff them.

See a film.

The Heartland International Film Festival closed in October, but some of the most popular selections will be coming to Franklin for a special showing that starts Friday. We’ve got the full lineup to round out your weekend plans.

Your voices.

We always say the newspaper and our website are best when residents are actively engaged – from sending in story ideas, to being interviewed about their work, passions, triumphs and goals, calling us out when we miss a story or miss a key part of a story, or sending in letters to the editor.

The Florida school shooting and national debate has prompted some residents to send in letters to the editor offering what they think should – or shouldn’t – be done.

Here’s a sample of what’s coming on our Opinion Page:

Today’s guns look different, but at the end of the day they are the same. They have the power to kill but not the ability. Someone has to pick them up and be willing to harm or kill a human being for that to occur. So if the guns haven’t changed and they still can’t operate on their own, what has changed?

We have.

We can’t fathom the existence of pure evil much less counter it. We are relentlessly told not to be judgmental, then required to report what we see. We won’t identify a sick mind for fear of hurting their feelings or being called “mean spirited.”

Another letter writer says this:

Through the 70’s we did not have shootings in schools or other public places even though we did have lots of guns and very little regulation. The difference is in how people are being raised. The problem is with society, not law and not guns.

What do you think? Send us a letter to have your voice heard on this or any other topic.

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