Letter: CNN misleading, degrading to viewers at home, abroad

To the editor:

The following is an observation regarding the recent “fake news” awards of which CNN was a recipient. I personally am a current event and news “junkie.”

I recently was vacationing in the Middle East. News stations included Japanese, Chinese, Russian, United Arab Emirates, German and the BBC, and CNN was the only U.S. news channel. U.S. news is well covered in all areas of the world, as one would guess. All stations communicated English at the bottom of the TV screen as usual.

All stations with the exception of CNN reported the views from the U.S. as facts and with little, if any, bias. However, CNN was saturated with lies, half truths, misleading choice of words and hateful politicians. What must other countries think of our country when CNN is the only U.S. news service in some parts of the world?

CNN is very degrading to our country. No matter what my political persuasion, CNN news is a very discouraging option when one tries to follow what happening “back home” when visiting a foreign land.

Robert Robinson