Letter: Sen. Young turning back on local farmers

To the editor:

There was a disturbing story in the Washington publication “Politico” recently in which Texas Senator John Cornyn indicated Indiana Senator Todd Young wants to work with Texans and the multi-national oil company to destroy markets for the corn Indiana farmers grow.

Think about that–Todd Young wants to side with the oil industry and turn his back on farmers.

The Renewable Fuel Standard is the federal law that requires ethanol made from Indiana corn be used in gasoline. It’s renewable, cleaner burning, cheaper and safer than oil. But, most of all, it helps use up much of the corn grown here that doesn’t have demand for animal or human food. With declining farm prices, the Renewable Fuel Standard may be the only thing keeping a lot of farmers afloat.

Oil companies hate the law because it gives consumers choice and inherently means they’ll sell less oil.

So, ask Senator Young which bottom line he cares most about: the multi-trillion dollar oil companies or the Indiana farmer who can barely make ends meet?

Call Senator Young right now at 202-224-5623 and remind him he’s a Senator for Indiana, not the big oil companies, and that he needs to stand with farmers to protect the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Mike Buis