QUINCY, Ill. — A western Illinois city is honoring its first black police officer who died in the line of duty over 100 years ago.

The (Quincy) Herald-Whig reports hundreds attended a memorial service Wednesday to pay their respects to Quincy’s first black police officer, William H. “Billy” Dallas.

Organizations worked with individuals to finance a grave marker for the fallen officer and his wife. A local church also held a public funeral honoring his legacy.

Dallas was born 1844 in South Carolina. He escaped slavery and settled in Quincy just before the Civil War.

After serving for the Union Army, he joined the Quincy police force in 1874. He was killed in a shootout two years later.

Dallas is the state’s first black police officer to die in the line of duty.

Information from: The Quincy Herald-Whig, http://www.whig.com